James Madison, My Hero…

2015-07-03_08-17-38The 5-foot-4, 100-pound Madison designed the intellectual framework for the Constitution, including federalism and the so-called Virginia Plan — the blueprint that determined the structure of our government that emerged from the Constitutional Convention, with its strong executive, bicameral legislature and independent judiciary. He was a strategist who helped assemble the alliances and map out the plan necessary to the Constitution’s implementation, including the campaign of editorials later known as the Federalist Papers, the battle to ratify the Constitution in the crucial state of Virginia and the passage of the Bill of Rights in 1789. But despite these nation-shaping accomplishments, try to find a memorial to the Father of the Constitution and the fourth president of the United States in Washington. No luck? That’s because America’s official memorial is the Library of Congress’ bland, glassy, modern third building, which is almost laughably overshadowed by the breathtaking Jefferson Memorial and the epic Washington Monument.

SOURCE:  The case for finally building a memorial to James Madison.

Being a U.S. history buff James Madison is my favorite founding father so when I came across this article it got my immediate attentions. (click on the source below to see the full article).  Madison was the brains behind our Constitution. Like me, he was a little guy who just didn’t get the attentions of those six-foot plus guys like Washington and Jefferson.  When he spoke not many people even noticed. But without him I doubt that this country would even be around right now. Without the wisdom of the Constitution we would have surely beaten each other into dozens of separate countries.

I could never understand why there is no memorial to him in D.C.