Today, Today, Today…

Today I start my seventh decade on the earth. If my genes prove true it will likely be my last. That is a sobering thought that puts me in a mood of reflection. The end is certainly near; I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but no, I am not ready to “go to the light” just yet. 🙂

My SelfieIn some ways accepting my mortality is refreshing.  I know that sounds kind of morbid but just hear me out.  Whatever inhibitions I might still carry around need to be tempered if I hope to have fun in my final decade.  I am not going to make a practice of it but I did recently take a “selfie” while at West Baden Springs and am bashfully presenting hit here. OK, I have my favorite cold season hat on so you can’t see my bald head and my goatee does cover up my turkey neck so vanity is maybe one of the traits I need to get over. But I do really like both the hat, which was a present from my wife, and my goatee so I will keep both.

I think I need to be done worrying about my worth in this world. I have probably accomplished just about all I have in me. Maybe in the final years I need to  let go of those guilt feelings of not having done enough to justify occupying space on this earth and can therefore move on to more peaceful thoughts.  I finally realize that it’s time to just sit back an enjoy the ride from here on out. But doing that easier said then done, especially for me…

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

6 thoughts on “Today, Today, Today…

  • Happy Birthday, R.J.! And I love the hat…your wife has good taste. As usual you fret too much about justifying your life. Let it all go…you can’t change the world…just smell the roses from here on out 🙂 At least for today!


    • Thanks Jane. Yeah I am trying to “just smell the roses” from here on out. I love the hat too. It came from a famous haberdasher in Ireland and is made of Irish virgin wool. She spent a lot more on it than I would have but I am glad she did. As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. I am generally a cheapskate when it comes to my wardrobe.


  • Happy Birthday RJ. My husband just grew a goatee, and I like it as well. He is five years behind you and in the “busy bee” stage of life. I am enjoying fall and all the things that go with it. It is a lovely time of year to have a birthday in!


    • Hi Jan. Yeah I remember the “busy bee” stage of retirement well. I just couldn’t shake the idea of just being able to do what I want without any conscience.

      I have had my goatee about five years now. Before that I often grew a full beard in the Fall and shaved it off in the Spring. But the hairy cheeks got in the way of sleeping and the mustache is not very hygienic with a cold.

      We live in a very forested area so I see the fall colors throughout the season. Never get tired of it.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes.


  • Happy Birthday RJ! I’m a decade behind….hope I have the lust for life, the energy and the insight you’ve got when I cross the next decade! Probably won’t have the goatee though….but I love the selfie…..You’ve aged well my friend!


    • Hi Steve, its been a while since we talked. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Maybe next time Yvonne and I come east our schedules will sync for a visit. It would be nice to get together with you and Kathy.


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