God, The River Of Life…

2015-10-18_09-02-12This is a continuation of last Sunday’s Post on God and Life.  If you haven’t already read it you might want to do that now as this post won’t make much sense without that background. (God Is All About Life)  In that post I put forth the proposition that God is life. With this post  I will expand just what that means to me. I will repeat here that this concept is primarily for me to come to a personal understanding of God. I don’t expect, or even want, you to agree with me.  You need to do the work to come to your own conclusions on the very heady matter. Question everything…

Being the “keeper of life” and being the “controller of life” are two very different things that have been intertwined by too many  past theologians. Here are some of my personal inquiries on this topic:

  • Does God know every hair on our head? — He just might since all life flows through him.
  • Does he have a will for each of us? — Collectively I think he does.
  • Does he determine before our existence what we will do or accomplish in minute detail? — I don’t think that God is simply writing plays with known outcomes or is a puppet master. I think that concept is a man-made. I think God leaves it to us to determine our own fate. Sometimes random chance comes into the equation but definitely not everything that happens is ordained by God.
  • Did God ordain Paul to set up the rules for Christianity? — It seems most current Christian organizations take that as a yes but I differ.  I follow the Thomas Jefferson and Leo Tolstoy view that Paul took the simple messages of Jesus and made them complicated.

Too many of us shirk our personal responsibilities in life in favor of putting them on decisions already made by God. There is way too much rationalization around this subject. We say it is God’s will that this happened to me and that takes the pressure off of us to make a different fate.  To me God’s will is very simple, Love God the keeper of life and love each other. Jesus said it as simply as that. Everything else is just blah blah blah to me.

I’m sure some who might read my words here will call me at best an agnostic because I don’t believe in their version of God.  But I do very much believe in God’s presence in the world and in each of us. I also believe that Jesus was from God in one respect or another. It is the degree that I don’t know, but that is kind or irreverent to me.   I don’t  believe that everything in the Bible attributed to Jesus necessarily came from his lips.   But again the degree is what I’m not sure of.

For this post that sums it up for me…..

Next Sunday I will be talking more about  life flow and being “spiritual but not religious”.  Two very different categories but it sums these thoughts up for me.