Looking Beyond Self…

Danforth’s new book argues that religion does have a place in politics, but in a different manner than we’ve seen in recent years. What’s missing in the modern political world,  Danforth writes, is “the commitment to look beyond the self and serve the public good” — something encouraged by religion.

Source: The positive role religion can play in politics | Minnesota Public Radio News

For more than a decade, John Danforth, who is also an ordained Episcopal priest, has written extensively on the negative use of religion as a divisive force in American politics. Now he turns to the positive, constructive impact faithful religious believers have and can have on our public life. The Relevance of Religion is the product of that period of reflection.

In the calm and wise voice of the pastor he once aspired to be, Senator Danforth argues that our shared religious values can lead us out of the embittered, entrenched state of politics today. A lifelong Republican, he calls his own party to task for its part in creating a political system in which the loudest opinions and the most polarizing personalities hold sway. And he suggests that such a system is not only unsustainable but unfaithful to our essential nature. We are built to care about other people, and this inherent altruism—which science says we crave because of our neurobiological wiring, and the Bible says is part of our created nature—is a crucial aspect of good government.

Source: Amazon book review

These are some wise words reviewing the latest book by John Danforth. He is a Republican as I remembered from the past. Not the screamer that seem to fill that party today. I would like to believe that all of us have a “commitment to look beyond the self and serve the public good” but that just seems to be one of the factions fighting today for the soul of our democracy. The other one is very self centered and to me spiteful whose motto seems to be “I’ve got mine so screw you!!”

How today’s Christians allowed their label to be kidnapped by these “screw you” radicals is beyond me? I pray that they can take their party back from those in the GOP who are bought and paid for by among others the NRA. Those who just seem to shrug now and do nothing about our weekly mass murders in this country.  I certainly pray for a time when the Christians Mr. Danforth writes about, take back their institution.  But more so I pray for the time when at least the majority of us look beyond the self and serve the public good as Christ intended his church to do. We seem to be so far away from that right now…

I pray…. I pray….

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