Christianity Is Hard…


I must admit, at least in my senior years, I am a rebel rouser of the Don Quixote variety. That is I seemingly fight for lost causes. Things like less killing because of an overabundance of guns in our society or that we Christians should start acting like Christians. The latter is the topic for this post.

For so many years I comfortably fell into the belief that Christianity is a “something for nothing” religion. That is all we have to do is to say the right words and believe the right things in order to self proclaim that we are Christians. But then I started actually reading the words of Jesus and more importantly taking them to heart. With that simple action Christianity was turned on its head.  It was no longer a do-nothing religion but instead it is a do-everything religion that demands we live up to unthinkable principles. Things like caring for the “least of these”.

As I grow in my spiritual life I can now understand that God is not about going to church on Sunday and hearing  how easy it is over and over again.  It certainly not about just getting into heaven, I’m convinced that is not even an important part of it. Getting into heaven is a “me” oriented thing whereas Jesus was about others as a first priority and I think he intends us to do the same.

Christianity is about living as Christ tried to teach us. It is not just about loving God but also about loving each other and that especially includes those outside our individual congregations. It includes everyone, maybe even most importantly those we fear the most. We need to do a better job of learning these lessons.

Being a Christian is hard work and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…

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