Let’s Face It… Rules Are Stifling… But…

2016-03-06_09-25-49.pngRules are generally meant to keep us all acting in a certain way. That in and of itself is stifling to many of us. I have to admit that I am generally a rule averse person. I just don’t like someone telling me  “DO THIS”, “DON’T DO THAT”. Constantly trying to look at life from a different angle means that I am often breaking rules, at least the stupid ones.

2016-02-07_07-51-16There are too many rules that are in place simply to preserve the status quo. These rules are often called “tradition”. They are just the way we have done things in the past. These are the rules that are meant to be broken as the old saying goes. Traditions is supposedly the foundation of the Republican party. Most there want to stick with what they have done in the past rather than risk their futures on new things. The GOP is, or at least was, a party of rules.


Of course in a society where people must get along with each other, some rules are necessary. You don’t shout “FIRE” in a crowded theater, as the old saying goes. Knowing the difference between necessary rules and those just meant to maintain the status quo is the secret to progress. My nature has always been to seek out new things but that seemed to be driven out of me in my early years. I was told to be seen and not heard. I was told that what I said didn’t really matter. I was taught that rules were never to be broken.

It would take years to finally shed myself of these feelings that were drilled into me and most everyone else at an early age.  Even today we are taught not to trust people who think outside of accepted limits. Just know your place and don’t rock the boat still persists in much of our world. Questioning everything is something that most of us have to re-learn…

2 thoughts on “Let’s Face It… Rules Are Stifling… But…

  1. I was told once by someone in a position of authority … “you stretch the envelope to see how far you can go and the live with those rules”. In some cases rules ARE needed but what use to piss me off the most at a job was … “we’ve always done it that way”.


    1. Yeah, me too Steve… especially when I knew that the way I wanted to do it was less expensive and more reliable than the “old” way. I have been out of the corporate world for 16+ years now but I don’t imagine much has changed in that regard.


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