Welcome To Flat Rock…

ISOA BannerMy latest micro-RV (uRV) trip was to Madison Indiana which is on the Ohio River east of Louisville. As usual I took county and state roads during my 400 mile trek. One of the towns that intrigued me was Flat Rock Indiana.  I’m sure it was once a thriving rural town in the area. There is a gravel pit near the town as the only traffic through the town while I was there were loaded dump trucks.

(as usual click on any picture to see a larger view slideshow)

I think there were still a few houses occupied in the town and there still seemed to be an active fire station in the same area as these pictures.   I am amazed that I was able to find something about Flat Rock on Wiki. It was platted in 1855 took its name from the Flat Rock River in the area. It once had its own high school at the turn of the 20th century.

I also found an old photo of the town dated 1913. I think I recognize some of the building still standing from that photo.


Traveling the back road in search of America sure is fascinating stuff….

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Flat Rock…

  • Hi I graduated from Flat Rock High school in 1956. I am 78 yrs. old and there were 10 boys & 8 girls in my graduating class. There were around 300 students who went there grades 1 thru 12. Flat Rock is in Shelby County Indiana. The next year after we graduated they tore the school house down. Then they went to Southwestern Consolidated school
    Not much is left of the town now. Back then there was an Oliver tractor dealorship, a TV shop, a Doctor’s office /Dr.. Davis. , A hardware store, grocery store, & two filling stations, and an elevator, and even what was left of a canning factory.


    • Thanks for the info Danny, it adds to the story. I love going through small towns to try to imagine what they once were. You definitely added that. I graduated from a small town in Morgan county with about the same size school. It too was torn down a couple of years after I graduated in 1965.


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