Pictures From The Past..

One of my hobbies (yeah I have many) is to take photos of group pictures from past generations I find in my travels and elsewhere. This one is from the Indiana Historical Society publication.

A Larger View

The right side middle picture was taken in 1916. I enjoy zooming in on these type pictures and trying to imagine what one person’s life in that group was like. Getting the details for this has only been possible in the digital world for a few years now. it was not until picture capacity size exceeded 10 megabytes or so that minute details could be seen. An example of that is shown below.

A Micro View

I wonder what that gentleman was thinking as he was watching the photographer take the groups picture. He seemed to be the only one aware of that happening.  The caption below the picture says it was nomination notification ceremony in downtown Indianapolis for someone named Fairbanks. I’m not sure what that is but I found it the Fairbanks was an Indiana senator who was the vice-presidential nominee for the Republican party that year. He lost to Woodrow Wilson who is one of my heroes…   🙂

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