Cult Indoctrination…

This post might ruffle some feathers so if you are not in the mood I suggest you don’t read any further.

When you think of the phrase “cult indoctrination” I image some pretty dark things come across your mind. Cult leaders are usually people with an enormous egos and a corresponding quest for power.  Think of Jim Jones if you are old enough or maybe Branch Davidians.  These guys convinced hundreds of their followers to die for their cause when in fact their cause was really no cause at all.

But for this post I want to expand the cult/culture topic to also include our feelings toward wars and killing.  Generally speaking, except for a few forms of cultures like Quakers and Amish most people in the U.S. are taught at a very early age that killing is a necessary part of life and for many a fun part at least in concept. Just look at the top ten apps in any game genre and you will see they are dominated by a central theme of “killing the bad guys”. The games are becoming so real that it is scary to those of us who see them as almost making extinguishing life as a noble pursuit.  And then there is TV and movies, so many are centered around violence. Is it no wander that in the U.S. the number one employer is our military complex?

We are taught very early on that killing is fun especially if we can blow them to smithereens with super-advanced virtual weapons. Sadly many who rush to war given this indoctrination find the realities much different than what they thought.  Many then live the rest of this lives  totally harmed by their military experiences.

Now with our extensive use of military drones to do our killing actual war seems even more so like a video games and that is a bad thing as far as I am concerned.  One person’s cult is another person’s culture…

In my mind much of this aggression is the result of too much testosterone.  I know it was needed when we were dwelling in caves but it really serves no purpose in today’s world. If God made a mistake with us it was probably to give us too much testosterone, or maybe it is because of our lazy minds don’t really bother to think of the consequences …. 🙂