We Have No Purpose Anymore..

I have to admit up front that for much of my life I just didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I “grew up”. Strangely, it wasn’t until several years into my retirement that I finally put that question to rest. So, I am NOT the poster child for gaining purpose in life, but maybe my shortcomings in this area might be a lesson for others.

canstockphoto2256888.jpgA fundamental problem with this country and many others around the world is that too many just don’t have any idea what the meaning of our country is supposed to be about? Without this foundation, every bad thing that happens causes ever-increasing cynicism and selfishness. There is no hope because there is no overall vision for what we want our country to be. Positive thinking seems to have almost vanished in the world today. Maybe even more tragically, there are those who have come to a conclusion about purpose and their answer is simply too self-centered to be of value.

You would think that a country where so many claim it to be a Christian nation they would use the words of Jesus to find their country’s purpose. But that just doesn’t seem to be a reality even in those who consider themselves to be religious. Too many seem to be able to lock the teachings of Jesus into a neat bundle that is brought out on Sunday and then locked back in a box on Monday. Too many others have turned their religion into a political agenda that excludes any concept of “brother’s keeper” and is about making enemies rather than brothers. But there is hope in this area as religious organizations, especially those of the Radical Right variety are shrinking due to lack of young people buying into their convoluted rhetoric. They label them as hypocrites, as they actually are.

When purpose is lost, especially for a country, hope is usually also lost in the process. I think that’s kind of where we are today.

5 thoughts on “We Have No Purpose Anymore..

  1. Guess I’m one of the few remaining optimists. I think our country’s purpose is stated simply within the “We hold these truths to be self evident. . . ” declaration. When America was established it was a noble experiment–the first in the world with our form of a constitutional republic. It was, and is, a work in progress. Progress has taken a hit lately, but setbacks seem part of the process. Seeing some of our checks and balances functioning to delay or stop several of the recent attempts to move backward gives me confidence that the good stuff once again will prevail in the long run.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Gabby. Yes, I share them too, but when we see almost half who voted in the last presidential election vote for someone with no moral center that tells us something is not right with our country. I am also counting on the checks and balances to keep permanent harm to a minimum for the next 45 months.


  2. Hope for the future of our country does seem to be thrashing about. In my opinion, in order to keep hope alive in these United States, we have to start with keeping it alive in our own hearts. We have to want to see it, hear about it, and feel it around us. Personally, whenever I see a US flag waving beautifully in the breeze, I renew my sense of hope for our nation. Our flag is still here!!!


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