Your World Is Just So Small

I am still pondering why people are so different in this world today. Why are there those who celebrate that they just don’t care much for other’s circumstance and places in the world. They are almost exclusively in a world centered around themselves. Everything else is just “Not my thing”. This especially troubles me with I then hear them say that they are also “real” Christians?

I think I have latched onto one of the reasons for this and that is that their world is just too small. Psychology has shown that very young children are by nature pretty selfish. All that they can preceive is their small world around them. It will take nurture and exposure to other things to move them away from this mindset. Some people just never accomplish that feat. Their world remains small and they maintain their childish selfishness throughout their lives.

canstockphoto34452912.jpgHow do we broaden our horizons? That question seems to be plaguing me lately. How do you make people come out beyond themselves? I have termed this condition as “Meitus”, that is people who have their heads stuck up the own rear ends so far that they can only see themselves. I know it is impossible for me to come up with a solution to this problem but because I am a fixer by nature I have to think about this kind of stuff.

Of course there are people like our current president who have character flaws due to one thing or another that keeps them centered totally on themselves. They don’t see any reason to move beyond that state by studying alternatives.  Then there are people who are for one reason or another just too mentally lazy to see outside themselves.  Most of the white supremacists are likely in this group. Their lives are dominated in fear of almost everything they don’t understand and due to a lazy lack of curiosity that is a lot of topics.  They say things like “science is fake truths because I don’t understand it”.  Some cling to something or someone to be their “truth”. For some it is a contrived collection of words from a bible, for others it is a person who tells them things no matter how untrue that they want to hear.

How do we make sure that people get out into the world in order to understand they are not the center of it?




  1. I always thought the idea of foreign exchange students was a good idea. My brother and SIL did this and had two different girls ( one from S Africa, one from Turkey) live with them and then my niece went to stay with one in S Africa. My niece also is a nurse and sees people of all economic backgrounds and colors. She is well rounded. Her own daughter is very open and inclusive, but her son is not.
    But my nephew, who travels to Saudi Arabia for work and has vacationed in Paris is still prejudiced. Neither are religious.
    My other brother has two children a boy and a girl and the girl is fine but the boy is not so much. He is prejudiced narrow in thought.
    I think it starts very young with the family and their attitudes and also who their peers are. My observation is that men seem to be more prejudiced and angry. All these white supremacist groups seem to be mostly men. The women probably follow them because they’ve been brainwashed and are afraid of them.
    Maybe it’s a lack of curiosity about the world or even another part of the country. Travel certainly would help and good teachers and less negative internet influence. Critical thinking should be taught in schools at an early age.
    Churches could be a big positive influence as well, but many chose to go in a different direction and further the problem along.
    People complained that the good Muslims don’t speak up against the bad ones. Well I see moderate more inclusive churches also not speaking up against the fundamentalist and evangelical ones that are part of this problem.

    Just my ramblin’ thoughts and observations


    • Thanks for your personal story and insights Mary. That seems to be a big part of trying to solve this problem. What works for one doesn’t work for another. Maybe there is a prejudice gene in our DNA. Who knows???


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