Flirting in the Workplace..

One of my daily reads is from my friends over at The Drabble. They welcome anyone to submit their words but it must be 100 words or less.  It is very creative how so many can pack so much in so few words.  Here is an example from a recent post:

By Alex ColvinIn

In an age of reconsidering appropriate behavior at the workplace, how does one flirt at work? Well, I’ve got it down to a science.

2018-02-15_09-28-26.png1. Flirt.
2. Profusely apologize.
3. Run away as fast as you possibly can.

It’ll go something like this:

“Well, hello Nancy …”

Then panic. “Oh no! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it!”

Turn and run away as if hell were unleashed upon you.

Nancy will gaze after you as you vanish into the horizon with renewed intrigue. “Wow,” she’ll think, “He’s charming, sensitive, and completely not-threatening. I’ll ask him for his number.”

You’re welcome.

Source:  Appropriate Flirting at the Workplace |

While I would never claim to be an expert on these matters the above seems like a pretty good way to do it if you MUST flirt in the workplace. 🙂


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