And Then There Is The Son…

Simply stated, I don’t believe in aristocracy. I don’t believe that knowledge or wisdom is necessarily inherited. So, when one generation wants to pass massive wealth or power to the next generation I bristle. The example below is one of the tragic consequences of this practice.

2018-02-07_10-35-32.pngWhile evangelical leader Franklin Graham has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, his father Rev. Billy Graham publicly warned against the prospect of religious figures becoming too attached to a political stance.

via FACT CHECK: Did Billy Graham Warn Against Mixing Religion and Politics?

I mourn the passing of Billy Graham this week especially¬†since Franklin Graham has fatally harmed his father’s legacy by his extreme political stands.¬† His father’s ministry is in shambles due to his reckless disregard for the teachings of his father and more importantly the teachings of Jesus.

This is yet another way that current day spin on Christianity is severely tarnishing the image of God.

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