Containers Through History on Flickr

Just a quick snippet to tell you I just added another album to my Flickr collection. This one includes pictures of many of the containers I have photographed during my visits InSearchOfAmerica.  Click here to view this collection.

Containers Banner


  1. RJ…I really like the cocoa cans. I’m often fascinated by the large amount of cans, boxes, and other hold all’s you can find in an antique store. I have purchased a few cans myself. They are great for reminiscence sessions with my dementia peeps. Some are double duty cans. I can offer candy from them, while also striking up a conversation about the can itself. Thanks for sharing!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed them. I am attracted to biscuit and cracker tins. It is hard to believe that those items were so treasured to be put in cans. Lard cans too as shown above. Animal fat just doesn’t have the appeal it once had. (HA). I have dozens more container photos I am sure. It is just that I haven’t been through the 20,000 pics sorting them all out yet. That will come…

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