Why are the posts now called cackles??

2018-03-13_10-35-34Welcome to the new and improved RJsCorner. Before I get into anything serious, you may think it’s kinda strange for me to now call my daily posts “Morning Cackles”?  I got a reason for my madness. First off, for you city folks,  a cackle is a short and abrupt sound that hens make after they lay eggs.  My morning posts going forward will be short (250 words or less) and to the point.
Paying respect to my poultry friends is one of the reasons for the name of my posts. But I gotta admit that the main reason is that the current guy in the Oval Office tweets, which is defined as a weak chirping sound. I know he is president and I’m only a retired guy living in the Midwest but I kinda think my words have more value and I guarantee they will contain more truth. So,  I put out a full-blown morning cackle instead of his nightly tweets.
Getting back to my poultry friends, their eggs are a source of high-quality protein and also vitamins and minerals. I don’t know how the term “laying an egg” got to be so negative. I’m sure laying an egg isn’t easy! They put a lot of work into it and so do I in writing my posts.
I like to think that I can lay a pretty good egg on a daily basis, but it’s up to you to determine that. Let me know what you think??
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