Painting with Words – I Am Tired Of Being Tired

This is my first attempt at writing a post in free verse. Please forgive me if it is not up to your standards.  I will try harder the next time.

Here I am in my 73rd year. 
How did that ever happen?
If my genes determine things, I have a handful left.
These times aren't what I dreamed them to be.
Hateful rhetoric is everywhere.
The spiteful rants stink beyond imagine.
How can people breath all this tainted air?
Trust has gone, truth is dead.
All the world is now a Mad Max movie.
The White House has turned into the Thunder Dome.
The spite coming from it  stinks beyond imagine.
Everyone who does not jump on command is the enemy.
The tipping point of climate change is likely past?
Why didn't we do something when we could?
Tribal mentality has swept over us like a tsunami.
 Future generations will have to clean up the mess.
If they even can?
I want to be a good citizen and stay involved.
But what does it really matter?
I won't be around to see the ugly aftermath.
Why do I allow myself to feel so distressed?
I seem to be consumed by the times.
At this point my time is precariously precious.
Why am I using it so badly?
Maybe I should find something else completely?
I am tired of being tired of these times.
Why don't I just say "Why bother?"
Just check out NOW!
But that is not who I am.
I don't give up that easily.

4 thoughts on “Painting with Words – I Am Tired Of Being Tired

  1. This is very good and expresses how I feel and I’m one year younger than you. I have serious doubts for the future. It will be up to the next generations and it’s too early to tell yet…and we may not live to see the turn…


  2. If one plants a single tree the chances of it surviving and providing benefit for future generations are slight. If one plants many trees the benefits to the future are all but guaranteed, even though the planter will not be there to see it. Keep planting as many trees as possible RJ.


  3. Stop watching the news and immerse yourself in something else – I agree with W Fred – keep planting trees – if the world could recoup from WWII then we certainly will recoup from this – I was out all day today on various errands and people were so nice and chatty and helpful – it’s not all bad RJ – it’s just that’s what we all hear about day after day after day – America is made up of SO MANY wonderful people who really care – let’s listen for them – TRUMP is not forever – but I dare say this has been a wake-up call – never thought I’d live to see this country in such a terrible state – I’ve never been very political but I’m now wide awake and watching as are millions of other people…and we’ll never let this happen again. We do have that power. Each and everyone of us matter and we have a duty to our country. Take care – hate to see you do depressed and feeling so helpless..


  4. Thanks everyone for the thoughts. One of the things about writing it verse is to focus on creating a picture using words instead of paint. I tried to do that here and that is maybe why it seems to trouble me so. I have really moved on to a large degree, and these are some of the feelings I left behind. I like the idea of painting with words. It made me go back several times to find the right words for the limited space and cadence that was required. Maybe it got too dramatic?

    I have planted over 3500 posts/trees here at RJsCorner, so maybe that qualifies for a small forest (ha). Hopefully the “trees” will be a little brighter than they have been lately and my verse becomes focused on joyful things in the coming weeks. Your encouragement is appreciated.


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