Patient Paperweights

No, I’m not talking about a paperweight hospital or the fact that the sole practical purpose of a paperweight is to sit around keeping things from becoming unsettled. What I am talking about is the patience it takes to make a paperweight as shown above. That is what this artsy post is all about.

About twenty-five years ago I went to a glass festival in Elwood Indiana. Elwood once had a Ball Brothers glass factory. For those under fifty, Ball jars were used during the canning process to preserve veggies for later use. It closed down more than a half century ago but glass heritage is still very much part of the town’s culture.

I bought my first paperweight in Elwood and it certainly wasn’t my last. I now have a dozen from all over the world. I became fascinated by the type as shown above when I realized that each of the thousands of buds in the paperweight were once a single strand of glass.

As you can imagine, I expect there are ten thousand of those in the picture above. Yeah, it takes great patience to make, especially when you are talking about handling almost 3,000 degree F material!

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