Weavers & Rippers…

I love David Brooks’ recent NYT article defining weavers and rippers. It totally describes our current times. That is what this post is all about

Weavers are those who try to spiritually hold each other, so we can get through these times. Of course, for some of us Christians that defines Jesus’ message of being our brother’s keeper.

Rippers always see things from a political standpoint and therefore see things from a perpetual “us vs them” standpoint. That attitude seems to give them their life’s meaning. There are rippers on both sides of the political realm, but we all know who is currently the “ripper-in-chief”. He proves that to us on a daily basis.

I’m sure all of us know that it is the rippers who get almost all the media attention. But, there is a glimmer of light on the horizon. More than 80% of us in the U.S. fully support the federal aid packages, social distancing, and wearing masks. I will admit that I’m sure there are many more than 20% of my small town in a very Republican State who are thumbing their noses at all three of the above.

The rippers are very visible still, but they are showing their true faces with their Confederate flags, waving their guns, and shouting. Of course the ripper-in-chief call them “good people” but a big majority of us know otherwise.

I must admit that sometimes I wish we could take all the rippers along with all the assault weapons and put them in a huge detention center in South Dakota. I think our country’s “stupid” virus could be eradicated rather quickly if that were to happen. Ok, enough ranting…. 🥴

It seems that most of us also understand that these times are the portal of the future. Things will never go back to what they were. And for the most part that is likely a good thing.

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