Why I Might Not Be a Christian.

I call myself a follower of Jesus, but sometimes I just don’t feel like I am a Christian, or at least a recent version of that description. That is what this post is all about.

  • If being a “Christian” means believing everyone who has not accepted Jesus into their hearts is going to be eternally tormented in hell, then I am not a Christian. – I just cannot fathom, nor want to follow, a God would be so unmerciful to put the vast majority of humanity into an eternity of pain and utter suffering because they chose to believe in a different version of him. Jessus message while he roamed this earth was all about love, not anger or wrath.
  • If being a “Christian” means thinking the United States is a “Christian nation,” I am not a Christian. – Even before I knew why, I was always uncomfortable with the U.S. flag being behind the altar of our church. Jesus made it pretty clear that we are all our brothers keepers. Nationality, which seems to change in a wink of an eye has nothing to do with that. Every human being who has ever lived on this earth are God’s children. God doesn’t have a country, he has the universe of man.
  • If being a “Christian” means using only the Bible for my spiritual formation, I am not a Christian. Taking the Bible literally means that I would have to deny so many things that God has presented to me in my lifetime. The longer I live the more convinced I am that those who spin the Bible to meet their political agenda are anything but believers in Jesus.
  • If being a “Christian” means not being with those that the institutional church often excludes, I am not a Christian. – This one has been especially grating on me for the last few decades. To tell people that they can’t be Christians if they didn’t choose correctly who to marry the first time around is idiocy. To say that the sexual act must be done in a certain way or you can’t be a Christian is the same to me. The current church just seems to find a new way daily to exclude those from their pews.
  • If being a “Christian” means having God figured out, I am not a Christian. – One thing I am totally convinced of is that God was not set in stone some two thousand years ago.

I borrowed this list from my friends at Red Letter Christians. I don’t think they will mind. But the words beyond the title of each item are my own.

I have been told by some of my friends that they are uncomfortable with these types of posts at RJsCorner as it puts Christianity in a negative light. Each of us who calls ourselves followers of Jesus need to frequently step back and think what being a follower means to us. If it means bucking some establishment then so be it.