My Spiritual Journey

Adventurous man is sitting on a bench on top of the mountain and enjoying the beautiful view during sunset. Taken on top of Cheam Peak in Chilliwack, East of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I thought that since it has been six years since I seriously posted here, I would use this post as a catch-up to where I am in my spiritual journey and end it with a serious question that remains unanswered.

I have personally founded my spiritual life on the teachings of Jesus. It was an epiphany moment for me when that finally happened. Since that time, my studies of the words of Jesus have taken on a different purpose. I now look at the red letters as an instruction manual on how to live my life and how to treat others. Those words guide me in all my daily interactions. I have few thoughts about what will happen after I leave this earth. Given that I am in my seventh decade, that time might be sooner than I imagine. I leave what happens next to God who knows about these things much more than I do. There is no use fretting about death and beyond.

In the last two decades I have read extensively what others tell me about being a Christian is supposed to be about. Of course, their words, much like the Bible itself, are words from men, each trying to figure out who God is in their own way. Some have helped my spiritual life but many just leave me with further questions that I really don’t want to take the time to answer anymore. I am satisfied with where I am at but realize that I haven’t learned everything. So, I still seek possible answers to my ever present spiritual questions. That is primarily what this blog will be about now.

I asked a basic question in an Evangelical church I belonged to seven years ago that met with an utter silence. It was “If God wants everyone to be saved as the Bible says, and since he controls everything why can’t he make that happen?” I don’t remember if there were any of the explanations to that query but I do remember the pastor wanting to quickly change the subject. I was just not into the God of wrath, even at that time. It would be later that I read the book If Grace Is True – by Philip Gulley that gave me an answer to that question.

I have come to believe that God will bring everyone to him. He will do it in his way. It is not up to me to help him. It is up to me to show others by my actions how I live by the red letters. To show them a path to a very satisfying life as taught me by Jesus.

I no longer have to worry about so many being condemned to an eternal agony by a wrathful god. That changes everything. I have had a few other topics that have shaken my spirit but will reserve those for future posts.

Now comes the question that I am currently wrestling with.

Do we even need to be part of the “public” body of Christ?

I will leave this one until next week. If you have any thoughts about this post or the question above let me know. I would love to hear you input and discuss them with you.