About How To Get To Heaven…

Rob Bell is one of those Christian authors that is able to condense his thought into a few words. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he comes right at you with the point he is making, and I happen to agree with everything in his words above.

The bible is a book of poems, letters, and stories, compiled together to try and teach us how to live as Jesus taught us.

  • Does Everyone Have Enough?
  • Has Violence Been Renounced?
  • Do The Power Structures Tilt Toward the Vulnerable?

Critical questions that should be part of all our daily lives.

Now that I am settling into my new life as a widower in a retirement community that is in a more progressive area than I left, I am beginning to consider finding a church that espouses these types of thoughts. It’s not about getting into heaven, but more about bringing heaven to earth by our actions and empathy.

Of course, another aspect of this search is how they accommodate those of us with disabilities. My search will be long, and I imagine somewhat stressful, but I think I am ready for that now, or at least soon. I have been away from religious institutions for almost a decade now. Getting tossed out of a church because I didn’t believe everything I was supposed to, was a damaging experience that I hope to sometime in the future finally put behind me.

The search begins…