The Difference Between…

I will admit up front that I am just not much of a Mark Twain enthusiast. His folksy way of writing just never appealed to me. And then there were his senior years when he became an extremely bitter old man. But once in a while I find a quote from him that speaks directly to me. The quote to the right is one of them.

I struggle in almost all my posts here on RJsCorner to find the right word. Sometimes that is a long-drawn-out process that takes place over several days. Even when I am reviewing posts I have written, sometime years before, I come across a word that just wasn’t right and have to correct it. That was a common thing it Walt Whitman’s writing, particularly his Leaves of Grass. He edited that book hundreds of times before he found just the right words. Maybe this is a link to my autism, but I kind of like to just say I am a wordsmith. According to WordPress, I use more words than 98% of others who use their services. I am just picky about getting it “right”.

I know this sort of thing probably doesn’t matter much to many who read my words, but they matter to me. I’m certain this kind of thing has a name, but I don’t know it yet.

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