RJsCorner – It’s Time For A Change

RJsCorner is a crowded neighborhood of old and new construction

RJsCorner is in its 14th year now, so I have covered countless categories in the 5,000 posts you will find here. As the years have gone by my primary focus here has changed several times. The latest change will be “officially” announced on this Thursday’s post. This change, which was started a few weeks ago, is perhaps the most difficult one for me as it requires more actions AND thoughts. Simply speaking, I need to get off my butt and start living my words and that is what I intend to do.

With the changing focus, I’m talking about the content and breadth of the posts. I have certainly covered many topics in this blog’s existence and my categories list has grown to more than thirty. Some of my current categories have been around since the beginning, but many are relatively new. Some of the old ones just don’t apply to the new RJsCorner anymore, so I have merged them into a smaller list. The most obvious of those is politics. While those posts got a lot of attention and views, they are too dark in nature for me now. I am just not going to talk about that going forward. My plate simply doesn’t have room for much of the ugliness around today. I will leave that to someone who will see the consequences of those things. I am likely not one of them.

The underlying foundation for this new direction is to help people to understand that those who are different from them in a myriad of different ways, are for the most part much like everyone else. We simply need to stop looking at others as the enemy because they don’t act or see things the way we do.

More on all this on Thursday…

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