Who Would Want To Hire Someone With A Disorder?

This is just another reason why I don’t adopt the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Those of us with Asperger’s know we have valuable assets to offer someone who hires us. Many of us are highly intelligent (>130 IQ) and our attention to details often dwarfs what “normal” people have to offer. Yes, we have some social problems that make it difficult for us to make a good first impression, but once they get to know us the potential employer will quickly recognize that we will become a strong member of their team.

All this being said, why would we want to seek employment with the label “Disorder” tattooed across our forehead? Why would we want to proclaim that we have the Autism Spectrum Disorder? Just saying we have ASD would automatically put one strike on us. On a side note, since I am also deaf, that would be two strikes. One more and I am OUT.

I will admit that I will not be seeking employment, so this example doesn’t apply to me, but it does apply in many other circumstances. Yes, if people would dig deep enough in ASD they will discover that we are on the “high-functioning” end of the spectrum. But, 99%of people will never discover that.

I got a solution to all of this. Quit calling Asperger’s a disorder, and start helping those of us with Asperger’s how to more fully develop our natural talents. It’s a win-win situation for society and the medical establishment, if we can ever manage that

I Don’t Have A Disorder, I Am An Aspie, And Proud Of It

2 thoughts on “Who Would Want To Hire Someone With A Disorder?

  1. One of the reasons ASC is starting to take off rather than ASD, which I also dislike. Calling it a ‘condition’ is accurate but calling it a ‘disorder’ is unnecessarily pejorative.


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