The Nagging Question About My Roadtrip

I have dreamed of doing a trip similar to John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie for the last sixty years, and now, to some extent, it is about to happen. As a young man, I dreamed of having some of the experiences that Steinbeck encountered. But there is this nagging feeling that that is impossible for me! That is what this post is all about.

Much of Steinbeck’s trip reported in Travels with Charlie, were about his interaction with all the people he encountered along the way. I know, but often times I don’t want to think about it, my deafness and Aspie traits make social situations very uncomfortable and often impossible for me and the people around me. How can I even dream that this upcoming trip will even slightly resemble his book? How can I not be disappointed?

I have to be realistic and find ways to accomplish the pleasure I have always dreamed of by other means. I just don’t know for certain what those means will be? I may have to discover them as I go.

  • Maybe I should concentrate on the geography? Taking photos and documenting what I see would make a worthwhile trip.
  • Maybe History? I have pretty much traveled for the last 30 years with history in mind. Maybe that will be fulfilling enough?
  • Maybe concentrate on just living a nomad life? Report how I am feeling about life-on-the-road. Is this something I maybe would like to try for a few months? That would be worthwhile to think about
  • Maybe report on the How-To and How-Not-To of nomad life. I’m sure there will be much in that vain to talk about.
  • I am beginning to feel that a major life change is ahead of me. I won’t tell you exactly what that is, but I most certainly will be investigating the possibilities in this area.

I suspect that this trip will be a combination of all these things and several others that I won’t discover until they happen. I must certainly strive not to be disappointed, but to make the most of what I see with what I have. I say to myself just don’t ruin the trip with feelings of disappointment. After all these years, I deserve better than that!

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7 thoughts on “The Nagging Question About My Roadtrip

  1. Those are valid concerns, but I find that I confront any life change by facing all the what-ifs first and then, when I think I have a plan in place, going forward. It’s uncomfortable to be hit with all the things that could go wrong, of course. However, it’s just an intrinsic part of my makeup. I’ve finally decided that it’s not a fault, but rather a useful weighing of pros and cons. If I were a lemur and the myth about them were true, I wouldn’t be plunging over cliffs to my death with the rest of my group. Fault or not, it’s the way I work. Maybe you, too?


  2. As I started to read, my thoughts immediately went to your enjoyment of photography and history…and then you made the same points!

    Using John’s trip as inspiration but not a point-by-point model to be replicated will work for you. Will it be difficult and frustrating at times? Absolutely. Does it hold the potential of being amazingly stimulating and clarifying? Yep.

    Metaphorically, stick all your worries in a paper bag, seal it up and leave it in the trash on your way out the door!


    1. Thanks, Bob, for your usual insightful comments. I have every intention of leaving all those worries at home once I hit the road. Will everything work out? Of course not, but it is up to me to just deal with them as they come, and to be determined to just have a good time. I especially look forward to meeting an on-line friend in person. That part I don’t have any worries at all about. 😎


  3. I agree with Bob about sticking your worries in a bag and then dumping it in the trash. Don’t over think — something that we engineers have a tendency to do. (Often guilty of that here.)

    Just do it and see what happens. As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” Trust me, you will be glad you did.

    Another similar book you might enjoy is “Blue Highways” by William Least-Heat-Moon. Read years ago, it inspired many of my road trip adventures. Have fun!


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Daryl. Yeah, we engineers do tend to overthink. You are right about that. Thanks for the book suggestion. I will see if there is a kindle version that I can take along with me.


  4. Thanks also to those who left me encouraging email on this topic. I am certainly ready to tackle whatever comes my way. I have been on over 20 road trip the last few years, but this one, mileage and time wise, will equal all of those combined. I think when it is over I will be able to call myself an official nomad road tripper.


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