On-The-Road Epilogue #3 – Sedona Arizona

It’s time for another epilogue post on my recent On-The-Road trip to the South and Southwest. This one will give you more pics and details about one of the most picturesque town I have ever been in.

Sedona Arizona is unlike any town I have been in. It is surrounded by buttes. To this old Midwestern guy buttes just aren’t part of my dictionary. Take off the “e” and I understand that.😎 Sedona is a touristy town, and why shouldn’t it be? It is a place that is lovely to visit but living there is sort of a pipe dream except maybe to those who have several homes around the country. But there were quite a few elaborate homes dotting the hills, or maybe buttes, around the town. Since it is at the 4350′ altitude, the temperatures don’t get into the triple digits like they frequently do in down State areas.

In addition to the buttes, this town of “New Age shops, spas and galleries” and, is filled with sculptures. I don’t know why, but I definitely have a thing for metal sculptures. They are one of the things that I collect, well, the petite ones anyway. I probably have hundreds of photos of them in my portfolio.

The shops, while they do cater to tourist are higher class than many such sights. Since Sedona is mainly about the sites, I want to finish this post with a ton of pictures. Sorry for those with slow Internet speeds. 🥸 If you want to see a larger view of any picture, just click on it.

One of many overlooks around town. Of course, it has a sculpture
I loved the detail of this sculpture. Especially with the buttes in the background
Notice all the houses dotting around the perhaps most famous butte in town
Dancing, it is beautiful to see but something I never managed to be good at.
I didn’t have to leave the main street to get this picture.
A picture of a small part of main street. I was particularly interested in the “cowboy” sitting on the bench texting. Just can’t get away from the 21st century. 🥴
This was perhaps one of my favorite ones. Sorry I chopped his head off.
Finally, I wanted to show you a “treats” jar that I bought from one of the artsy shops

4 thoughts on “On-The-Road Epilogue #3 – Sedona Arizona

  1. I have been to Sedona 6-8 times and it still amazes me every time with its beauty and power. Like you, I love all the public artwork that seems to be everywhere. The red cliffs at sunset seem to be alive. I am glad you had the opportunity visit Sedona.


  2. Such a wonderful place. We love, love, love Sedona and have been back several times. Glad you got to see it. Our most recent stay was in a fantastic and quite private Airbnb. We looked at returning but the owner appears to have taken her rental out of service during the pandemic and not returned, which was quite a disappointment.

    We hiked up to Devil’s Peak (the picture in your Sedona link at the top) and when I walked out on that frightening little bridge, DH took my picture. But he closed in on me and you can’t even see where I am standing. It’s an ongoing laugh for us whenever we remember it. (I was freaked out to walk out there and I’m sure I won’t be doing it again. LOL)


    1. Funny story, Laurel. 😀 Hiking Devil’s Peak would have been something I would have done in my younger years. I am sane enough to realize how impossible that is now. 🥸


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