Artsy Saturday – Learning To Sketch Lesson- An Update

Progress has been slow in this endeavor to learn how to sketch. Maybe I am too impatient to wait out being accomplished at it. Or perhaps I just don’t think I will, with the time left for me, ever be accomplished at this new thing. So, I am going to take a shortcut in getting to the expected end result I desire.

I am quite accomplished at computer stuff, including artsy things. So, why not use that to make up for my lack of sketching from scratch so to speak. This feels kinda like a cop out, but the results will likely make me happier using this path than spending months trying to do it without computer aids.

Therefore, my path going forward will be aimed at computer graphics and how that can meld with my 25,000+ portfolio of pictures to produce avant-garde type contemporary visuals. I already have the software apps and tools needed for this project, so it is just a matter of getting more familiar with them.

In the coming weeks, I will be giving you some first attempts at making my art with computer tools, my photo portfolio, and my imagination. All the contemporary museums and rooms in standard museums have visited have lit a flame in me that, I hope, will turn into a full-fledged fire in my artistic imagination.

For inspiration, I give you a piece of art from the Worcester Massachusetts Art Museum that I kinda like. It deserves an “Every Picture has a story” post of its very own. 🙃

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