Another Benefit Of Personal Journaling

Most of us have personal stories that we wouldn’t share with anyone. They might be a self-perceived character flaw that we don’t want to admit. They could be things that happened to us in the past that permanently scarred us. While I share much of my life here on RJsCorner, I have many of the above that you will never see. If I didn’t have a way to get them out of the forefront of my brain, they would likely fester. To me, that is probably the most important part of keeping a personal journal. My deeper thoughts need a place to escape.

As I was trying to become part of the social circle here at my RetCom in 2022, I, for the most part, I stopped personal journaling. I was too busy sharing things going on around me with you guys and with two hundred relative strangers I see every day now. At least I thought I was too busy. I was wrong. I have been writing in my personal journal every day for a month now, and it is helping me to more thoroughly understand many of the issues in my life.

Even though these words will never see the light of day, they are also helping me become a better public writer. They are helping me to be true to myself. If you haven’t taken up personal journaling, I would highly recommend that you do, starting today. It can be very freeing.

2 thoughts on “Another Benefit Of Personal Journaling

  1. I’ve been trying to journal recently but have not found the right form for myself yet. I seem to have a disconnect between my thoughts and words.


    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the thoughts.

      I will let you in on a little secret that works for me. I take a long shower every morning and that is where probably 80% of my post ideas come from. They just seem to spring to mind, maybe from the previous night’s dreams. You just need to find that time when you can connect words to your thoughts for effective blog posts.


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