Techie Saturday – Passwords Be Gone…

I have a password manager that has 168 passwords in it. It is the only way I can see to manage all those logins. I will admit, contrary to what that tool warns against, that many of the non-critical fluff type sites I visit have the same name and password. But I do have several more critical sites that have very complicated and unique passwords of which I could never put to memory.

Every time I have to open that app to log onto a particular site I curse a little. I’m not a curser by nature, I don’t even say “shit” very often. But this password stuff drives me crazy sometime. Almost as crazy as all the buggy software and antiquated equipment I am forced to tolerate from AT&T (DirecTV, SLOW rural Internet service). But that is another story.

When I came across an article from “The Week” magazine a while ago I almost leaped for joy. It is about the World Wide Web Consortium recently ratifying WebAuthN which allows web sites to authenticate users with biometric information. What that means is that instead of having to drag out a complicated string of letters, you will be able to log into a site with a fingerprint or more likely a quick facial recognition.

So getting into any of your sites will be done by briefly looking at your computer/pad/phone camera. I don’t know how long it will take before this new standard is implemented. I hope it is soon…

But I’m sure some of you are yelling, “Oh NO… Not another change” 🙂

1984 Revisited

I have decided to take on another “special project” here at RJsCorner and that is to re-read George Orwell’s novel 1984 and write some posts about the similarity to what is happening today. So much of what is coming out of the executive branch of our government seems to originate from Orwell’s novel.

I was fascinated by the book the first time I read it as an early teenager in the early 1960s. The book was written in 1944 but was not published until 1948. Here are some slightly edited words from Wikipedia to jog your memory and entice you to read this special series:

In the year 1984, civilization has been damaged by war, civil conflict, and revolution. Airstrip One (formerly Britain) is a province of Oceania, one of the three totalitarian super-states that rule the world. It is ruled by the “Party” under the ideology of “Ingsoc” and the mysterious leader Big Brother, who has an intense cult of personality. The Party stamps out anyone who does not fully conform to their regime using the Thought Police and constant surveillance through devices such as Telescreens (two-way televisions).

It is amazing how forward-looking this novel was considering when it was written. I can certainly forgive Orwell for not realizing that it would take 75 years, instead 40, for it to become virtual reality.

I look forward in trying to relate Orwell’s world to what is going on today, and I hope you do too.

Spring Has Sprung??

I know the calendar says it is Spring, but that is not obvious to me. But, I am beginning to see the signs.

The bird feeder population is going down

Hulls from about 400 lbs of sunflower seeds need to be picked up

Sticks and mole hills are abundant in the yard as usual

The daffodils are coming up

The lilac bush is sprouting


One Small Thought…

Sometimes I get into dry spells here at RJsCorner where I just can’t think of something for my daily posts. When that occurs I usually pull up a quote that strikes me from my list at That is the case for today’s post.

I am certainly one to embrace change and loathe boredom, but having said that I do enjoy my morning routine. Part of that routine is to say a little prayer in the morning shower. I find that it just gets my day off to the right start. Here is the prayer:

Lord, thank you for yesterday and please give me another good day today.

I’m not a Catholic, but I once was, so I don’t always say those exact words but the meaning is always the same. It is a twofold prayer, if I must say. The first, most obvious part is to appreciate every day that comes and to try and make something special happen in that day. The second part is at this time in my life I really don’t know that I will see a tomorrow, so I petition the Lord with that request also.

[going off track here] Thinking about Catholics, I always wondered why they have to say the exact same prayers over and over again. I started this life as a Catholic for my first 20 years, then later spent about the same amount of time as a Lutheran Protestant, and am finishing up as “spiritual but not religious” category. I kind of like that non-Catholic have to wing it more when they pray. Not as many pre-subscribed words for them to parrot.

Getting back to my original thoughts to close here, I do the vast majority of my post writing in the first few hours of each day. When noon comes along it is most often time for more physical type activities. I do like to embrace change but I guess I also like my daily routines too.

Clearing The Distractions…

Now that the Mueller Investigation is finally over I hope we will no longer be totally engulfed with the daily news of possible scandal and can finally concentrate on what is actually happening to our democracy. Yes, we have an incompetent in the Oval Office but our attention should be to keep him from doing irreparable harm for his remaining one year and nine months in office.

Looking back, I was never that hopeful that a “smoking gun” would be found in the two-year, which seemed like ten year, investigation. I never really deemed him smart enough to accomplish something as complicated as collusion. Given the verocity of the MAGA cult, an impeachment would probably have done more damage to our country than what he can do in the next two years, especially since we finally have a check on his power via the US congress.

I realize that 2016 events were just an exercise in self-praise and spiteful games for the current Oval Office occupant. He never really intended to be president so why would he even expose himself to a treasonable scenario even if he could accomplish it? He is there because of the defective electoral college tradition and proud ignorance of so many who voted blindly without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

Getting back to the point here, I’m glad this is almost over so we can spend the next two years concentrating on the drastic changes he taught us are needed in the executive branch to reign in a future incompetent. We need to have in place a way to quickly fix the damage he is doing to worldwide efforts to attack global warming once he leaves.

Another issue I hope we have time to address now is how to convince the unconvinible that his version unfettered capitalism is not a solution, but instead, the major source for the financial inequity in our country. Yes, the stock markets might have temporarily gone up with his tax break for the affluent but at the same time most important quality-of-life metrics continue going down for the rest of us. These include: skyrocketing suicide rates, a health care system that is unattainable for too many, a military complex that starves much needed infrastructure improvements, and pretty much anything else.

We need to do the equivalent of hitting our citizens, especially the MAGA cult, over the head with a two-by-four to get them to realize that our country will cease to exist as we know it if we don’t address all the issues that are currently being proudly ignored by the current Oval Office occupant. I just hope it is not too late!

Finally I dream of a time when I can once again look at any news source and not see it totally consumed by an orange-haired narcissist.

About Amazon And Those Chinese Companies

I have made it pretty clear here that I am an Amazon Prime member and have been for more years than I can remember. I was smart enough to add some Amazon stock to my IRA about ten years ago, but I was not smart enough to buy much more. My stock has gone up about 400% so far!

I know the argument about buying from local retailers, but since Walmart has already eaten up most of them before Amazon was even a dream, that ship has sailed. If I want anything that Walmart doesn’t sell I must make an hour round-trip to the next town of any size. Besides wasting my time it costs about $10 in gas and wear and tear of my vehicle. But that is not what this post is really about.

I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, but one thing I have learned is to pay attention to where it is coming from. Not all items are delivered in 2 days or less to us Prime Members. A lot of what Amazon sells is made and shipped directly from Chinese companies. When you buy those items it generally takes two weeks or so to get them. That is almost the same delivery schedule as most of Amazon’s competitors! 🙂

I am spoiled now. I am just too used to ordering something Sunday night and having it delivered Tuesday afternoon. I don’t have the patience to wait two weeks anymore.