We The People…

I hope that there is no American over 8 year old that doesn’t know where the title words come from. For this Artsy Saturday I give you the words in shoe laces! They were found at the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville Arkansas.


I am one of those people who doesn’t particularly like looking at pictures of myself. But for this artsy Saturday that is just what I am going to do. We were in a restaurant in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia acting silly. That month-long trip to our northern neighbors was one of my most memorable.


For this artsy Saturday I give you the Avanti. It was a radical design by the Studebaker car company in the 1960s. I am a car guy and I am proud to have one in my collection. My 1/32nd scale model collection that is. 🙂 This real one was found in the Auburn Auto Museum in Ft. Wayne Indiana a few years ago.

Function vs Artsy

For this Artsy Saturday I give you  “Red Knobs”.

I’m sure that all the red knobs in this pictured weren’t placed there to be artsy, but in my opinion, they are.  This picture of a steam locomotive was taken at a railroad museum in Greenbay Wisconsin.