About Kamala Harris

I know, I know what you are saying “Who is Kamala Harris?” If you watch anything about politics her name has come up lately as she is saying she will take on Donald Trump if he survives into the next political season. The quote below was taken from a piece in the New York Times by David Brooks.

Democratic primary voters may decide that if they are going to take on Donald Trump, they’re going to want the roughest, most confrontational gladiator they can get. After they see how, well, direct she can be, they may decide that person is Kamala Harris…

We in the punditocracy are generally analyzing the Democratic presidential race on ideological grounds: Which minute differences exist in the candidates’ various “Medicare for all” plans. I doubt that is how Democratic voters are thinking. Their immediate problem is Donald Trump, and the culture of shamelessness he has instigated.

To beat Trump, I suspect Democrats will want unity. They won’t want somebody who essentially runs against the Democratic establishment (Bernie Sanders); they’ll want somebody who embodies it (Harris). They’ll want somebody who seems able to pulverize Trump in a debate (Harris).

Source: New York Times

To me, even a cursory endorsement by David Brooks is worth a serious look. I would encourage you to read the entire article by clicking on the Source above.

Mrs. Harris sounds like quite a person. She is an elite but fights for her beliefs like a gutter fighter. Her father was a professor at Stanford and her mother, who got her Ph.D. at the age of 25 is a cancer researcher. Not exactly a lower-middle-class family so typical of an up and coming Democrat. She got much of her grit while serving as the prosecutor of San Francisco.

I am going to have to get her book  “The Truths We Hold,”  to learn more about her. She sounds like my type of politician. She knows her way around the elite but thinks like a prizefighter. What a combination! After I read the book, I’m sure a post or two will come from it. When it comes to making 100% sure that there is a new occupant in the Oval Office come January 20, 2021, you can never start too early. 🙂

I had this kind of feeling in 2008 when a relatively young black man spoke with such elegance about what he wanted to do. The trouble with his time in office was that he was just too naive when it came to the politics side of it. He had big dreams but was not enough of a fighter to accomplish them. It sounds like Kamala Harris has both to the tee.

I guess the big question is, is America ready for a women president, even a black one? I think so but you never know. I know I was put off by Hillary’s attitude of entitlement when it came to occupying the Oval Office. I did hold my nose and vote for her. Maybe I will have both hands free when it comes to pulling the voting lever this time around.

Already Started

I’m going to make this Monday talk of politics short and sweet (if that is even possible) 🙂 I see that Elizabeth Warren has already kicked off the 2020 political season with her announcement that she will likely seek the Oval Office. I am ready to start dreaming of a “qualified” person residing in that round room once again.

Given the current occupant, the bar is so dreadfully low for who are qualified, I image dozens of others will likely put their name in for consideration soon. I would also be willing to bet that the Republican party will also have multiple options even if the current occupant should happen to survive to that time.

I like Elizabeth Warren, she has always been about the average guy against the corporate elite. She reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt in that regard. Another person I would like to see run is Michael Bloomberg. We can never have too many choices. We learned that the last time around.

What do you think?