I am one of those people who doesn’t particularly like looking at pictures of myself. But for this artsy Saturday that is just what I am going to do. We were in a restaurant in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia acting silly. That month-long trip to our northern neighbors was one of my most memorable.

Function vs Artsy

For this Artsy Saturday I give you  “Red Knobs”.

I’m sure that all the red knobs in this pictured weren’t placed there to be artsy, but in my opinion, they are.  This picture of a steam locomotive was taken at a railroad museum in Greenbay Wisconsin.

Land Of Enchantment

For this Saturday’s artsy post, I want to present to you a picture from one of my favorite States. I am presently writing a detailed post about New Mexico but wanted to give you one of my favorite pictures of Santa Fe. It has been my desktop background for several months now:

Santa Fe.jpg



For this artsy Saturday I want to put up a picture from my many visits to northern Wisconsin.  I don’t really remember exactly where this one was taken as it was in 1998 and there was no GPS at that time. But to me it absolutely reeks of serenity.

Northern Wisconsin.jpg