Understanding Stupidity #6 – Stupidity Of Following The Herd

This is a continuation of my series following Dietrich Bonhoeffer words about his belief that stupidity caused the Nazi era in Germany. I am trying to learn if his experiences mirror what is happening today in the U.S. Up to now, we have learned that you can’t defeat stupidity by reasoning with the person. The only way to make him realize his misguided faith is … Continue reading Understanding Stupidity #6 – Stupidity Of Following The Herd

Understanding Stupidity #4 -Neurotic Equilibrium

“ People become stupid when they do not want to understand, where understanding would cause anxiety or guilt feeling, or would endanger an existing neurotic equilibrium. Deitrich Bonhoeffer This is a short quote from Bonhoeffer, but it speaks volumes about stupidity. I like the term Neurotic Equilibrium, it is a shortened way of saying they resist change, any change. I am just one to welcome and even seek … Continue reading Understanding Stupidity #4 -Neurotic Equilibrium

Understanding Stupidity #1 – The Origins Of This Study

As promised on my December 23rd post, this is the first in a series about Stupidity. It might seem strange to make this topic for a weekly series, but stupidity has serious connotations for our times, as it did during Bonhoeffer’s time in Hitler’s Germany. I came across Bonhoeffer about twenty years ago when I was doing an objective study of the Bible. At the … Continue reading Understanding Stupidity #1 – The Origins Of This Study

Understanding Stupidity – Will Roger’s Style…

In the new RJsCorner, I want to get back to my roots, and Will Rogers is one of those roots I have avoided for too long. Years ago, when I started creating my personal style of writing, Will Rogers was a primary inspiration. I loved the way he could use humor to inform us on just about any topic. Some say that Mark Twain was … Continue reading Understanding Stupidity – Will Roger’s Style…

All Theology Is Local….

Today I will continue my discussions of a book by Tony Jones entitled The New Christians; Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier.  I’m sure if there are any pastors or theologians who accidentally come across the blog post their first reaction is to adamantly disagree with the title that all theology is local. Here is what Tony Jones says about that: theology is not universal, nor … Continue reading All Theology Is Local….

Religionless Christianity???

Toward the end of his life, while in a Nazi prison, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was a well known Lutheran theologian, wrote some tantalizing letters to his friend Eberhad Bethage where he wrestles with what he calls “religionless Christianity.”The letters in question were written in 1944 not long before he was executed by the Nazi’s. What did Bohhoeffer mean by Religionless Christianity? Here are some of the words … Continue reading Religionless Christianity???

Cheap Grace is VERY Expensive!!

The term Cheap Grace was originally found in a book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer entitled The Cost of Discipleship. Bonheoffer was a Lutheran pastor and theologian in Germany during Hitler’s rise to power. He was hung by the SS as a traitor in 1945 as he rejected Hitler’s rule. To get started let’s look at the following excerpt is from Wikipedia: In Bonhoeffer’s words: “cheap grace … Continue reading Cheap Grace is VERY Expensive!!