In Control Of Your World…

Chicago, IL – ??

I’m not sure exactly where this pic was taken but I think it was at the Museum of Science and Industry. Scale modeling, especially the railroad variety is a very popular hobby for many, especially among us seniors. My father built several different layouts in his garage during his retirement years. Me, I’m more into blogging and photography. I think one of the enticements for this hobby is to be in control of your world. Even if it is just a miniature one…

About Art….

Chicago, IL – The Art Institute of Chicago

Art is mainly something that all of us need to be exposed to. Much of it is a look into the soul of the artist. It helps us to know our value beyond any monetary terms. It is the essence of being human. The lions outside the museum are widely known and the art inside is well worth the visit. This pic was taken on a cold wintery day in December 2010.

The Multi-Level Department Store…

Chicago, IL – Marshall Fields Department Store

Almost every major town in America has their own variety of the Marshall Fields Department store. They were for the most part build in the beginnings of the 20th century. For those who follow the PBS series one very enterprising American also went to build on in London by the name of Selfridge.  You could say they were the precursors to the modern day Walmart.

American Gothic…

Chicago, IL – Art Institute of Chicago

The painting American Gothic has come to represent rural America to many of us and even people around the world. Grant Wood who has the painter proved to be a quintessential American. I had the pleasure of seeing the original a few years ago.

Navy Pier..

Chicago, IL – The Navy Pier

The Navy Pier in Chicago is a popular downtown tourist attraction. It has a stained glass exhibit that is beyond comparison. The view from the Farris wheel is astounding. It was built in 1916 and its primary purpose was as a cargo facility for lake freighters, and warehouses were built up and down the Pier. During WWII it was used as a Naval training center

Lego Of My….

Magnificent Mile Chicago IL

2014-08-09_17-30-15It has been a while since I took this picture. I know it was in Chicago and I’m pretty sure in was in a mall on the Magnificent Mile. I also know that Lego is not an American inventions but  it has unleashed a lot of creativity among us.  There is a discovery center there with some pretty awesome models.