The One Thing I Hate The Most…

2018-07-24_18-52-45.pngI am proudly a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. His words are the very foundation for my spiritual life.  But, don’t read that as to mean that I am religious. I have for the most part given up that quest. All this so far leads into the point of the post but is not the topic.

In the last two years,  #CO3 has elevated ridicule to a higher level than anyone I have ever known. No one wants to be ridiculed, especially me. I simply lose any sense of reality when someone mocks me or ridicules my beliefs. Disagree ok, but not ridicule.

Most tragically that same trait has spread throughout his followers. More and more are in-your-face ranters showing total disrespect for anyone who thinks differently than they do. Is civility disappearing from the American landscape? Being an optimist I say, yes it has at least temporarily. Does it have a chance to rise like a phoenix in the coming years? It does if we wish it to.

2018-07-24_18-50-50.pngSadly it seems the Golden Rule is been destroyed for political gain championed by an extreme narcissist. And, the existing church, due to their alignment with him, is also being destroyed.  To the 75% of us who are Democrats and Independents, the word “Evanglical” is becoming as despised as the word “Liberal” is to the 25% of those who are seemingly chucking the Golden Rule.

Without a common bond, what will hold our society together? I hope that question is foremost on each of our minds this coming November.



Rules, Rules, Rules…

I know no one likes rules but sometimes they are necessary to maintain a civil society. But then again the very idea of civility is being attacked by some in RedAmerica. They just don’t believe that civility is of any benefit to them and therefore it is deemed useless. I got a dose of this recently from a niece and her teenage daughter. She flat out said that being civil was not “her thing”. I know I am getting off track here so let’s shift back to the idea of rules in a civilized society.

2017-10-24_18-28-17.pngCivility has a pretty simple definition when it comes to interacting with each other. It is about being polite and showing regard for others around you. That definition pretty much surrounds the Golden Rule of treating others as you want to be treated.  Maybe more enlightening in regards to today is the definition of incivility. Here is how Wikipedia explains that condition:

Incivility is the polar opposite of civility, or in other words a lack or completely without civility. Verbal or physical attacks on others, cyber bullying, rudeness, religious intolerance, lack of respect, discrimination, and vandalism are just some of the acts that are generally considered acts of incivility.

All of the things I put in bold print describe a world I don’t really want to be in. For much of my life, we have made social progress on these items. Bullying was finally being treated as physical abuse. Lack of respect for others was declining at least until the current Oval Office holder started tweeting as president.  Religious intolerance is going mainstream now that Islam and to lesser degrees Christianity has been kidnapped by a radical right fringe.

Diversity was being celebrated as what makes our nation great. Now, too many seem to have no tolerance anymore for others different from them. If you don’t look or believe as they do then you are the enemy.

No one likes rules, even rules that have maintained our civil society until now.  I only hope and pray that those of us who have maintained our civility can once again take back control from those who are trying to kidnap our society. It seems as simple as that.