Eminently Close To The Breaking Point!

It’s as if I had looked at the sun for too long. I simply can’t gather the words to put out an intelligent post of the main topic of the day. This guy has destroyed my peace in some of the last years of my life!

With that in mind I am for at least the next few weeks going to be celebrating those who can say in a picture what would take me a 1,000 words to describe. I simply can’t imagine the filth that will be spewing out of the Oval Office in the coming days. Too many have dared to say “The emperor has no clothes!” and attacking that will be his primary topic until he is driven from that noble building.

I just don’t have the stomach for 1,000 words

Russian Ties…

Snippet Banner  I have pretty much vowed off talking about the current occupant of the Oval Office but have to put this one out there as a snippet. I found this on my desk from the Nov 10 issue of “The Week” magazine

Team Trump doesn’t seem very worried that proof of collusion will emerge said Timothy O’Brien of Bloomburg.com. But in the past, the president has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of properties to Russians and gone into business with Felix Sater of the Bayrock Group, a Soviet emigre with organized crime connections in Russia. Trump may well owe money to Russians, meaning he was indebted to them when he ran for president.  What most infuriates and terrify Trump the most is the prospect that Mueller will investigate his financial and business dealings, as well as the dealings with his son-in-law…

I remember Trump bragging that he doesn’t finance his deals with American banks but instead used rich Russians money.  I wonder how long it will take for Mueller to pull all this stuff to the light of day. I suspect this is one of the primary reasons he won’t let anyone see his tax returns and find out he is knee-deep in Russia’s world.