Stop Using Sign Language Interpreters…

The title above may seem strange coming from a deaf man but I really do think we have to stop using sign language interpreters for public announcements.  Its time to move on to better ways. Way better ways…… Read More

Caught Between Two Worlds….

This post is part of my continuing study of the Autism spectrum and particularly Asperger’s Syndrome. I am stuck between two worlds in my life.  I am a deaf man who lives almost exclusively in the hearing world… Read More

About Closed Captioning (CC)…

I wanted to pen a post on a topic most of your are probably unfamiliar with and that is closed captioning. I’m pretty sure most of you have at least a basic idea of what that is but… Read More

I’m Very Comfortable in Being Uncomfortable…

Let’s face it, there are just so many who are totally uncomfortable living in our world today.  Change is happening so fast now as to make their heads spin and they hate that fact. They want everything back… Read More

Celebrating Our Disabilities and Our Personal Failures…

I want to forewarn you that this post is going to include some ranting and will probably offend some people. I am sorry if that offends you but I need to speak my mind on this topic. People… Read More

Maybe I Should Wear A Sign…

They say that deafness is a hidden handicap in that it is not an obvious affliction. Maybe I should wear a sign🙂 .  Sometimes when I tell people I am deaf it doesn’t seem to get through to… Read More

Don’t Label Me …

In fact, Raven tells Oprah that she rejects the notion of labels completely in all areas of her life. “I’m tired of being labeled,” she says. “I’m an American. I’m not an African-American; I’m an American. “The remark… Read More

Afraid Of Being A Minority…

The white majority in the U.S. will be outnumbered by Americans of other races by 2042, eight years sooner than previously projected by the Census Bureau. SOURCE: U.S. White Population Will Be Minority by 2042, Government Says –… Read More

Secret iPhone 6 feature uncovered?

Apparently, the new iPhone 6 will incorporate a more advanced vibration motor that could offer better tactile feedback to users, depending on the app they’re using or the area they tap on the screen. SOURCE:  Secret iPhone 6… Read More

Policemen acquitted in beating death of homeless man

Prosecutors had accused the two officers, who approached Thomas near a bus depot in July 2011 to question him about reports of vandalized cars, of turning a routine police encounter into an unnecessary and savage beating that cost… Read More

Baby I’m Yours……

Baby, I’m yours And I’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky, Yours, until the rivers all run dry In other words, until I die Baby, I’m yours And I’ll be yours until the sun no… Read More

Getting Shocked Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

For this post I thought I would focus on a cultural topic. Let’s face it none of us are totally comfortable with change. Some of us see it as a nuisance, some as a threat, and fortunately many… Read More

Life’s Dramas…….

  Anyone who has watched movies, and that surely is almost all of us, know that when certain scenes come up there is always very dramatic music in the background. One of the strange things about me being… Read More

Being Deaf….

Source: DO NOT OPEN « creativetidalwave. Working in a deaf school for many years I learned the value of incidental learning. So many students lacked a lot of common knowledge often taken for granted. We are constantly learning from… Read More

Late Deafened Culture??

I have had some questions and some search engine links to my blog about a “late deafened culture” so I want to talk a little about that here. As I mentioned on other posts I have been deaf… Read More

Cracking the code: Why yuor barin can raed tihs

Source: The Body Odd – Cracking the code: Why yuor barin can raed tihs. For emaxlpe, it deson’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod aepapr, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer… Read More

Closed Captioned TV….

Continuing on with tools that help me and other deaf people coupe in the hearing world this post will cover closed captioning. When I went deaf in 1988 there only about 10% of the television coverage was closed… Read More

Born Deaf vs Late Deafened…

I think of my deafness as an affliction that I must daily try to overcome in order to go about my business in the hearing world. That is not the case with some, perhaps most, who are born… Read More

Being alone in the world…

I know that I am not the only person in the U.S. who is deaf. In reality there are more than three million of us around. About two million of those are like me who went deaf as… Read More

Text Messaging is the Way For Me…..

When I went deaf in 1988 there was no way for me to communicate with my wife or others once I left the house. Even at home calling others was almost impossible. I had a device called a… Read More

I am deaf….

  I am doing something here that I have not done on any of the other blogs I have created. I am going to come up front with the fact that I am deaf. Being deaf is a… Read More