When Robots Make Cars….

I know that robots have taken over many of the repetitive tasks from us humans. Many see that as stripping jobs away from those who don’t care to otherwise be ready for today’s workforce.  The mind-numbing jobs are… Read More

3 In 5 Americans Have No More That A High School Education

The four most educated countries — Korea, Japan, Canada and Russia — report that more than 50 percent of their young people have a degree beyond high school, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. By… Read More

The Miracle Of Life…

Without formal education there is no prosperity but with curiosity there is also no prosperity.  It’s not an either/or situation. But Albert never said it was…

Freestyle School….

As the new school year approaches, teachers have come to expect that many of their students will have forgotten some of what they learned earlier. It’s called summer learning loss, and some teachers believe it’s inevitable. Are they… Read More

Wanting An Education

In the old days boys wanted an education. They even had reading, writing, and arithmetic, instead of football. Up to then boys had gone there for their heads and not their shoulders — Will Rogers August 26,1928 In… Read More

A National Strategy For Education……

Legislation signed by Gov. Mike Pence makes Indiana the first state to step back from the standards that establish proficiency targets in math and reading….. But the national education standards have been the focus of vocal criticism from… Read More

Falling Behind By Running In Place…

“Our scores are stagnant. We’re not seeing any improvement for our 15-year-olds,” said Jack Buckley, commissioner at the National Center for Education Statistics, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Education. “But our ranking is flipping because… Read More


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