I’m Dreaming of My Friends at GDL

I’m dreaming of all the friends I made in my business trips to Guadalajara Mexico. Especially those who helped me celebrate life at the Guadalajara Grill.

Five Years….

I spent a very enlightening part of my life between the years 1965 and 1970.  Those were the years I was at Purdue University supposedly learning how to be an engineer. It was there that  I was first exposed… Read More

Betrayed by Friendship….

Betrayed by friendship is not a bad memorial to leave. – 16 June 1931   Will Rogers Will, I had to think about this one to understand what you were talking about. I think it means that is it… Read More

Mighty Rich But….

We can get mighty rich, but if we haven’t got any friends, we will find we are poorer than anybody. – June 1, 1930  Will Rogers I am totally embarrassed that it has been so long since I… Read More

New Military Strategy, Same Old War Mentality

Source: email from Friends Committee on National Legislation “Until our policymakers start recognizing that clinging to visions of global military domination only undermines security, we’ll be stuck with the same old war mentality wrapped in a shiny new… Read More

Laverne & Shirley???

My wife Yvonne was born in a small town in northern Wisconsin in the 1940s. When she graduated from high school she decided it was time to move to the big city. Milwaukee that is. After spending some time… Read More