Congressional Pensions??

When our founders set up our government their intention was that its citizens would come to the nation’s capital for a period of time  to contribute to the running of the people’s business and would then return to… Read More

Breaking the Gridlocked Mindset…

One of my favorite bloggers is at Critical Dispatches. It is a blog about signs, posters and street art strewn around the London England area. I don’t know how the blogger finds so many of them. I think… Read More

Gridlock Busters…The Genesis…

Gridlock seems to be endemic within our political system here in the U.S. for decades now but never so much as it is today. Those guys in Washington just can’t get along no matter what the circumstances are.  The… Read More

We Cuss The Lawmakers….

“Well, we cuss the lawmakers . . . but I notice we’re always perfectly willin’ to share in any of the sums of money that they might distribute.” – Will Rogers, 7 April 1935 Being that we are… Read More


I know I am getting burned out on all this constant bickering in the U.S. I watch little or no news on TV now. All the news channels seem to be about inciting a riot among us. My… Read More

Feeding the Cynicism….

I have been thinking about all the partisanship and our legislative process lately.  We seem to be in a gridlocked pattern that is almost impossible to break. Washington is completely out of step with the rest of the… Read More

The Turning Point…..

“Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.”  – Ronald Reagan Sometimes when we look back at history we wonder how did we get to where we are.  We often have trouble pinpointing a particular person or date… Read More

Olympia Snowe leaving the Senate….

  I have been feeling gloomy lately; I wonder why?  Everything runs in cycles, but our congress it seems, so hopefully my outlook will swing back to something more normal soon. There are not many in Washington that… Read More

Washington Is Broken… But How To Fix It???

  Source:  Deal or No Deal, Washington Debacle Will Linger Into New Year – ABC News. Washington is now broken beyond the point where bold individual leadership can even fix it. The forces at play are bigger than… Read More

The Fiscal Slope….

Source:  The “fiscal cliff” isn’t a cliff at all – CBS News. Here is an interesting article that explains why the “fiscal cliff” is so falsely named. If you are still not clear about this I would encourage… Read More

A Real Leader Leads……

Source: Boehner’s GOP Problems Complicate Deficit Negotiations – ABC News. House Speaker John Boehner is about to begin another attempt at a grand bargain deficit reduction deal with President Obama, a high wire act in which he will be… Read More

Some Personal Musings About the Elections…..

I was up until almost 3:00am last night watching the returns and speeches. Being one to pretty much get up when the sun comes up I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I hope to make that up… Read More

Another Proof of Partisanship…..

Source: On renewal of Violence Against Women Act, Senate Democrats have upper hand – After passing the Senate unanimously in years past, the Violence Against Women Act, with revisions, faces strong partisan opposition. Still, Republicans don’t want to… Read More

I’m Against It Because He’s For It…..

Source:  GOP shifts away from payroll tax cut – The Boston Globe. The title words are part of the post above. It basically give the true meaning of why the Republicans are now against the payroll tax cut… Read More