An Originalist’s View of the Constitution

I have been loosely following the latest Supreme Court nomination, so I thought I would put out some thoughts that go contrary to an Originalist’s view of the Constitution. Plainly speaking it makes no sense to me in that it goes against everything the primary founders believed. How’s that for an opening statement? 🤣 Unlike most of my posts in the pre-election period, I don’t … Continue reading An Originalist’s View of the Constitution

On The Road – Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park in southern Indiana is one of my favorites. The campgrounds are well laid out and maintained and the hiking trails are manageable for this senior.  And of course, the park is a mecca for photographers. As is my custom on my micro-RV trips I had breakfast at the inn after a night in the campgrounds. Being close to Madison Indiana, the campground makes … Continue reading On The Road – Clifty Falls State Park

Madison Indiana

In Search Of America — My InSearchOfAmerica has taken me to Madison Indiana on several occasions.  The most recent trip was in August of 2016 when I snapped the following gallery of pictures.  With so many small towns  that are dead or dying  it is nice to see some flourishing. Madison Indiana is on the Ohio River and once gained its livelihood from barge traffic. … Continue reading Madison Indiana

In Case You Wondered…

Being a regular viewer of the cable TV show American Pickers I am very aware that people collect just about everything in the world. Being as how the USA is driven by consumer spending it’s not surprising that we have some of the biggest collections in the world. In case you were wondering there is even a museum in Madison Wisconsin dedicated to a mustard … Continue reading In Case You Wondered…