ISOA Banner  Omaha is perhaps my favorite city. It has a small town feel but is ripe with history and preservation.  The sculptures strewn throughout the downtown area are awesome. It is also the home of the Durham Museum and Father Flanagan’s Boys Home. We spent four days there on two separate occasions and still haven’t seen all there is to see.

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Boys Town…

Omaha, NB – Boys Town

Boys Town in Omaha is very much a part of the heart of America.  They have been helping poor kids for more than a hundred years now. This pic was taken at a display in their visitors center. Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear some of the stories that they young folks told in their later years.

The Right To Vote…

Omaha,NV – Native Americans

The right to vote is the very bedrock of what it means to be American. One-person-One-vote balances the playing field (or at least it could) for representation in our government process. It is amazing to see how eventually all of us obtained the right to vote. For native-Americans and Women it didn’t come until a century ago.  There are effort underway by one of our political parties to restrict the vote. For the sake of our democracy I hope it is eventually beaten back.


Omaha, NB – Railroads

Although this is a picture from an Omaha Nebraska museum it could have been taken from many other American cities. Railroads were a major part of our industrial age.  Many futurists now predict a second coming of the railroad. They believe that much of the long-haul trucking taking place today will be replaced by rail shipments at a fraction of the overall cost and with much less damage to our environment and infrastructure.

Wilderness Spirit

Omaha, NB – Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness Park

The pioneer spirit that makes us a unique country is epitomized by the sculptures that adorn much of downtown Omaha. I will be spending the rest of this week giving you a glimpse of them. Omaha is a city well worth the visit. We spent four days there in 2012.

Human Beings…

Omaha, NB -Durham Museum

What makes American does not just include it bright side but also its dark side. I came across this sign in the Durham Museum in Omaha a few years ago. One of America’s dark sides was our treatment of the original inhabitants of our continent. As they were systematically being destroyed they were not even consider human beings. Killing a native American was now worse than killing a dog.  Finally in 1881 they were legally recognized as human beings.


Omaha, NB – The Old Market

The main tourist attraction in downtown Omaha is the Old Market district.  It is a several block area of re-purposed warehouses. They have been turned into  high quality restaurants and shops. It is quite American to take some old buildings and instead of tearing them down to use them for another business.  Many cities do that but none quite as well as Omaha.

People Who Care

Omaha NB – Boys’ Town

One of the critical parts of what is the heart of America are people who care and actually do something about it.. One of those people was a Catholic priest named Father Flanagan. He started a home for boys who were abandoned during the depression and that continues even today. Thankfully they now include girls too.  If you are ever in that area give them a visit. They have a wonderful center to teach you about their history…..