Religion In America – Zoar Village Ohio

¬† ¬† I will start off this series of religion in America with the latest place I visited and that is Zoar Village in central Ohio. ¬†I visited here last summer on one of my frequent micro-RV trips. ¬†As is common in many historical religious settlements it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the info for this post was obtained from … Continue reading Religion In America – Zoar Village Ohio

American Ingenuity..

Youngstown, OH – Creativity Lets look at another pic from my Youngstown Historical Center visit. It isn’t immediately obvious what you are looking at so I will explain it. Working in the steel mills is dirty business so when the workers started their shifts they changed out of the street clothes into their work clothes. The mill owners didn’t want to spend the money for … Continue reading American Ingenuity..

WKRP in….

Cincinnati OH – Fountain Square Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati reminds me of the TV show from the 1970s entitled “WKRP in Cincinnati”. It was an off-the-wall comedy but so was I at the time. The fountain above was always prominent in the opening credits. One thing about America is that we certainly have our share of unusual characters like Johnny Fever and Arthur Carlson … Continue reading WKRP in….

Who Doesn't Need A Basket…

Dresden OH – Longaberger Basket Factory Who doesn’t need a basket once in a while. The Longaberger basket factory has been in Dresden for over one-hundred years and they make a very “American” basket. It is nice to see somethings are still made here.¬† Actually the factory is not really a “factory” more than hundreds of individual stations make one version or another of their … Continue reading Who Doesn't Need A Basket…


As noted in yesterday’s post we spent the day at Youngstown. It was everything I expected it to be. The Youngstown Historical Center was of course all about steel. I took about forty pictures of the exhibits and will give you a few of them here. ¬†I didn’t realize that there were actually seven mills running here during their heydays in the 1960’s. They started … Continue reading Youngstown