The George W. Bush White House ‘Lost’ 22 Million Emails

Thank heavens that this political savagery will finally be over in less than 50 days.  I have almost given up on reading or watching any news sources as they are totally flooded with Mr. Trump and his malicious… Read More

To The Regulators….

I am one of those who believes that our government has a very important role in our society. It seems human nature to be self serving before anything else now. To seek common good is above and beyond… Read More

It’s Time For A Break…

Now that the final segment of this political season is upon us maybe it is time to take a break from politics until at least the first debate.  That is what I intend to do. I don’t think… Read More

Its Been A While Since We Had A New Political Party…

I think it is time for a shakeup of our political system. It has been 160 years since we had a new party on the American scene.  Maybe it is time… Many Americans are justifiably nervous that the… Read More

Unchallenged Claims….

The media had a lot to talk about last week in the RNC convention. Not so much so far with the Democrat side. Except for a very small (<5%) of the delegates there is just not much controversy. But… Read More

Hate Personified….

The one glimmer of hope I found in the GOP convention just ended was the number of empty seats in the Cleveland arena. It seems that HATE is not a big selling point for many. But that is… Read More

This Country Is Bigger Than Any Two Parties.

The foundation of RJsCorner is based on the life and philosophy of Will Rogers. So, I think it is time to inject his wisdom into our current political scene. We need something to make sense of all the… Read More

How To Exclude…

I guess Mr. Gingrich is still trying to be the VP choice for the egomaniac  candidate. His words below are a total affront to the basic meaning of America.  It is equivalent to the witch hunts or at… Read More

The Blob… aka The Bush Doctrine…

The Blob is an interesting description for our foreign policy in the last 15 years.  I like the description but I think it should be more appropriately named the Bush Doctrine.  Invade foreign countries and install a docile… Read More

Party Over Principles… Again…

Even though I detest Mr. Ryan’s adoration of Ayn Rand I have come to gain some respect for him in recent months. He “seemed” to want to put partisan politics aside and find common ground with the other… Read More

From Reagan to Obama…Big Promises….

I’m a U.S. history guy. I have read quite a bit about the Robber Barons of 100 years or so ago. The similarities to today are very revealing.  It took a Republican named Roosevelt to start the process… Read More


I seem to go in cycles as far as my tolerance for politics goes. I regularly reach a point where it becomes intolerable to read another article about the absurdity of today’s election cycle.  This seems to be… Read More

Between Poison and a Bullet…..

I never thought I would say this but if it is a choice between Trump and Cruz I think I would choose Trump.  At least he has done something besides just ranting. Not much but something.   Trump… Read More

Neutering Elizabeth Warren…

I got the below email from Senator Warren a few days ago. She is the most outspoken advocate for people who think that the greed of Wall Street needs to be reigned in and to shout none of… Read More

Why Hillary Clinton could easily lose to Donald Trump

But Hillary Clinton is not a strong opponent — against Trump, or anyone else. The problem isn’t ideology. As a center-left neoliberal, Clinton fits right into a political sweet spot — affirming the importance of reality-based policy expertise… Read More

Are You Conservative Enough…

It seems that the GOP presidential wannabes are constantly arguing that their opponents just aren’t conservative enough to be president. Of course, they wrap their radical ideology in the American flag and somehow that gives it legitimacy.  If… Read More

Texas GOP Declares: “No More Teaching of ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ in Texas Public Schools”

The Texas GOP’s declarative position against critical thinking in public schools, or any schools, for that matter, is now an official part of their political platform. …. (page 20, Republican Party of Texas, 2012). Yes, challenging beliefs or… Read More

Move Along…

Sometimes it seems that the NRA is a police force who forces “their” laws on the rest of us. They have such a strangle hold on so many politicians as to get their way even when it is… Read More

What’s Good For the Country…

Just another afternoon snippet about my recent header work of late.  I added a “politics” box to the header with a sub title “Because it matters”. That sums it up for me. Yeah, I agree that politics is… Read More


There is the sentiment that we can let the victims and families know we’re sorry for their loss, but those words fall on grieving, frightened and mostly, deaf ears. I am sorry about the loss of human life… Read More

They Will Say Anything…

Seven years ago, when Hillary Clinton was fighting a grueling Democratic primary battle against then-Sen. Barack Obama, she boasted of duck hunting and championed the Second Amendment. Clinton’s campaign in Indiana sent around negative mailers pasted with rifles,… Read More

I Love Pragmatists

It has been a while since I brought up a new category here at RJ’sCorner.  After seeing so many people stuck in one mode of thinking I have come to passionately embrace the concept of pragmatism.  Let’s look… Read More

Stuff Happens….

Mr. Obama ordered flags at the White House on Friday to half-staff to honor the victims of the shooting. “When Americans are killed in mine disasters, we work to make mines safer,” he said on Thursday night as… Read More

Anybody but Hillary? 

Then there are Biden’s recent statements staking out a more conflicted position on abortion than one expects to hear from such a prominent Democrat. This places him far closer to the consensus position on the issue than most… Read More

The Gospel of Bernie…

Win or lose, Sanders seeks to transform his party and redeem American politics through an epic battle against some of the wealthiest powers in human history. “A lot of people have given up on the political process, and… Read More