Favorites Sunday – About The Pope

This “Looking Back” post is about Pope Francis and how American Catholics saw him, but maybe more importantly how they might differ from the MAGA/Evangelicals who have moved to the extreme right in American culture.

Here are the words from the post five years ago with my highlights that I will talk about here:

When I wrote these words, Pope Francis had been pope for less than two years and was just getting his footing in the papacy. Five years later, it seems obvious that at least some US Catholics see him an un-Pope in the same way as I see the #CO3 (Current Oval Office Occupant) as the un-president.

Pope Francis has certainly shaken up the Catholic Church in many ways. To my mind he has bravely attempted to take it into the 21st century. Others see him as destroying the traditions of the church, and to them, traditions are probably more important than even the wordsf of Jesus. I just wonder how many of the conservative American Catholics side with him or the GOP?

To try to discover where US Catholics stand in the current US political field I found a rather enlightening article. Click here to see that source. According to the header at the top of this post it is split where about 40% will vote for him and 50% will not. (The grey bars are Catholics while the red bars are all voters including Evangelicals.) That is significantly better than the 85% of Evangelicals who totally align with his radical right stands. Since the majority of world Catholics are people of color, I wonder how the US split is among white Catholics and Catholics of color?

Personally, as an ex-Catholic (but maybe now I am really an in-my -heart Catholic) I see Pope Francis as fighting to take the church back to its roots in the words of Jesus. After having experienced the Protestant version of religion and their radical right political swing, if I do ever return to religion it will likely be the Roman Catholic version. At least Pope Francis’s version of it.

They Won’t Listen…

Sante Fe Texas joins the list of tragedies in local high schools. The scenario is all too familiar. A disgruntled teen is depressed and wants to go out in a flash of attention.  This time he got his weapons from his father’s stash but he could have just as easily bought them himself.  This national tragedy that very rarely happens in other countries continues…

2018-05-20_08-25-02.pngIt seems that a very real reality for teenagers now is to consider the possibility that they will be shot dead before they graduate.  I can’t imagine having that feeling when I was their age! But finally, they are ready to do something to stop the carnage.  They want regulations on guns to quit making them so easy to be obtained by disgruntled and depresses teenagers.  They want laws making those who supply guns to these assassins to be charged as an accessory to those murders, whether they be parents or just people selling guns to anyone with the dollars in hand.

The teens have marched by the millions to tell the legislatures to make this happen but the lawmakers seem to fear the NRA and the Radical Right more than them so they have now found another strategy.  They are registering to vote in numbers unheard of before. If the legislatures won’t listen then they will vote them out of office.

I applaud these activists for their initiative and wish them much success. Schools shouldn’t be war zones.  The extremely easy access to weapons of mass destruction needs to be severely throttled as it is already in most places in the world.

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