Put Retirement Back Into Politics

A politician or judge suddenly dying or being forced to retire for medical reasons can be disastrous, as we’ve just seen with Ginsburg. Any sensible person should have been thinking about their successors. They should be nurturing them and giving them a legacy to live by. Instead, many including Judge Ginsburg chose to try and hold on to power. She chose wrong and now our … Continue reading Put Retirement Back Into Politics

Favorites Sunday – Looking Back Five Years.

I am refining my Favorites Sunday selection a little here. I have decided that I will go back 5 years to the week to see what I was talking about and if anything has changed. Update It was a tough road, but I think I am finally beginning to keep my life challenging, at least with respect to my current conditions. I have discovered that … Continue reading Favorites Sunday – Looking Back Five Years.

My Biggest Shock Upon Retirement!

Sometimes the journey into retirement just isn’t very joyous, in fact it can be a down right painful journey at times.

Like almost all of us I had many challenges in my early retirement years. I started my retirement from the corporate world at age 54 and like the cartoon above, I didn’t really have any retirement plan to guide me. The first few years were difficult but now after almost twenty years I think I have finally gotten most of it right.

This post is about the biggest shock among the many I encountered.

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Seeking a Joyous Journey – When Panic Set In

I’m going to start this post out with all you newbie retirees or soon to be retirees in mind but then finish it ups with some insights I have found for all us old-timers as well. I aim to cover the whole spectrum during my “seeking a joyous journey” project. 🙂

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Seeking a Joyous Journey – Find Something

I’m going to let you in on my secret of life.  It has taken me seven decades of continuous searching to discover this secret. Find something you might enjoy and then do it. But maybe the real secret is to find the things you don’t enjoy and get rid of them as soon as possible. Personally looking at the back end of the process, I have … Continue reading Seeking a Joyous Journey – Find Something