Never Get A Day Off…

After some serious adjustments in my thinking I kind of find myself frequently asking what day it is. Without the job to define my life, each day seems to fold into the next. Holidays are just another day… Read More

Making Sense of Change…

When I came across the quote above I knew nothing of Alan W. Watts.  But, as usual I got on Wiki to learn more. This guy was quite a character in life.  It just seemed that once he… Read More

No More Lists…

My month-long hiatus from blogging a while back was more than just blogging. I pretty much ceased all my normal daily activity in favor of just doing what I felt like doing. Some days it was vegging out… Read More

Epilog — Personal Resolutions…

This post finishes up my multi-part “insights” series about where and how I go from here.  My overall goal is to do what is necessary to live a happy, wild, and free retirement. Some of my commitments are personal in nature so I… Read More

Insight 5 — Eccentricity

I talked a little about “craziness” in the last post but I want to expand that concept this time to include eccentricity. A definition of this word is: a strange and unconventional behavior. In some ways that fits my current… Read More

Insight 3 — Personal Time… Doing Your Own Thing

This post is a continuation of the discernment period I recently spent on thought of where I go from here. I retired from the corporate world fifteen years ago and from my own business nine years ago. Since… Read More

Insight 1 — Waiting For Fate…

One thing that helped me during my recent discernment period was a book by Ernie Zelinski entitled: How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free. Ernie has written several very popular books about retirement. I don’t really know what drew me to… Read More

A Dangerous Game…

Congressional leaders are playing a dangerous game with their constituents’ money, their livelihoods and their retirement savings. On Wednesday, all Congress did was flip over the hourglass on a game of chicken that cost our economy $24 billion… Read More

Discover Your Passion: Know Who You Are

  I had to discover a passion for retirement because I had worked all my life at something that I was not passionate about. I understood that in order to discover a passion I had to understand who… Read More

Take a lifestyle cut in retirement — Please…..

Source:  Don’t take a lifestyle cut in retirement — Fidelity Investments. I know the source article says basically the opposite of what the title is. That is because I think the article is, at its foundation, wrong.  It… Read More

Many have little savings as retirement looms

Source: Many have little savings as retirement looms – Ravages of the stock market. The people Redmond encounters most who are lacking sufficient retirement savings weren’t necessarily delinquent or negligent. Many had money saved but were wiped out… Read More

It is the Best of Times and the Worst of Times…

Today is the best of times and also the worst of times. Today my medical insurance is costing me half of what it did yesterday… Today I am officially a senior as I am now on Medicare…

Do Retirement Savings the Old Fashioned Way…

Let me start of by saying that I am by no means an investment professional but that doesn’t keep me from having an opinion. And I will also admit that looking backwards is a lot easier than looking… Read More

Mom and Dad Are Getting a Divorce?????

The title to this post seems to be more frequent the last few years. When the kids are grown and out of the house (sometimes those are two totally separate events🙂 ) then Mom and Dad make the… Read More

Living Day to Day…

I have discovered another nice blog about retirement. It is The blog is called Retired Syd and is by a young lady (at least by my standards) who choose to retire in her 40s. She was an… Read More

Don’t worry that you may make the wrong decisions.

Retirement is not a onetime thing; it is a long term process. In earlier years when I was preparing for retirement I deemed it pretty much that event where I left the workforce and collected my virtual gold… Read More

Where are the Milestones??

One of the problems I have faced with retirement is the question “Where are the milestones?” I have up until retirement gauged most of my life by its milestones. They go something like this: Starting School My first… Read More

Retirement Investment Advisers…

I think most investment advisers are actually in the “anti”  retirement business as they scare us out of it by insisting that the you need as much income in retirement as you did before! They actually seem to… Read More

Books on Retirement Living….

Yeah, I’m probably pretty typical of a retiree in that I have read several books on what to do in my retirement years. To be quite frank none of them have been terribly useful to me! But that… Read More

Retirement Living…

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet about this blog is that it will be much about retirement living. Yeah, I know you are saying “You are in retirement and still don’t know what you want to do when… Read More