Why Mitt Romney should save the Republican Party… Or Not…

“Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run,” an anonymous senior adviser of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign recently told New York magazine. Other members of Romneyworld have denied the former governor is interested in another campaign. But at this stage in the 2016 race, Mitt Romney should start preparing to get back in the arena….

Romney should be ready to enter the field to save his party from an awful reckoning between its leadership and its base, a reckoning that has been brought on by Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump has proven that the “strongest GOP primary field in 30 years” is no such thing, creating an opening for the winner of the last primary. If Romney should win the primary, it would be an incredible political comeback. It would also be a gift to his party, forcing on the GOP the reality of a new and stable settlement between its factions.

Source: Why Mitt Romney should save the Republican Party and join the 2016 race

At this point in time I kind of doubt that even Romney can save the GOP from themselves. Their base is just too narrow and too anti-this, anti-that to maintain any form of cohesion. Their various splinter groups are primarily focused on exclusion now rather than inclusion.  Yeah, they will likely stay strong in small geographical enclaves around the country where diversity is totally absent but as a national entity I don’t see how they can survive many more years. What will replace them is now the main concern for many…

Mitt might have made a good president if he has stuck to his principles rather than constantly flip-flopping in order to appease all the anti- stands in the GOP base. He is a somewhat successful business man even if he did get a big head start by being the son of a popular governor. He instituted universal healthcare in his state while he was governor but then forced to deny any credit due to the anti-healthcare faction of his party. What if he had instead touted that major accomplishment instead of denying it?  Would he have been able to turn the GOP back toward the mainstream?  His biggest failure was that he morphed into something that was totally foreign in order to appease the fringes of his party.   Would it be different this time?? I would hope so but pessimistically doubt it.

It has been a while since a president has been a previous success in the business world.  Maybe it is time to try one instead of constantly choosing all the political savvy  but business naive ones we have had for most of my lifetime.

One of my hero Will Rogers famous sayings is “I’m not a member of an organized party. I’m a Democrat”.  That quotes seems to have been totally hijacked by the GOP in the last couple decades.

Question everything….

A Real Leader Leads……

Source: Boehner’s GOP Problems Complicate Deficit Negotiations – ABC News.

House Speaker John Boehner is about to begin another attempt at a grand bargain deficit reduction deal with President Obama, a high wire act in which he will be buffeted by demands from the White House as well as from House Republicans

It looks like total gridlock may again happen coming out the gate of the new year. Mr. Boehner in some of his words seemed to say that he was open to compromise but soon took those words back after some in his party chastised him. The sign of a real leader is someone who leads, sometimes even in opposition to some in his party. He does not bend, especially to the least common denominator of his party.
The leadership quality seems to be missing from most of our supposed leaders today.  No one seems to want to take the risk of getting out front and possibly angering followers in any way.  Obviously Mr. Boehner is afraid he will get kicked out of his very powerful job.  Almost everything in Washington is about power. Without the Speaker’s role he would lose the power he so relishes.

In some areas President Obama in his first term also failed to lead. One of the cornerstones of his 2008 campaign was to get universal single-payer healthcare implemented in this country the same as it is in much of the rest of the world.  We are about the only country that has allowed healthcare to put a stranglehold on our economy. The rest of the world has pretty much got that under control and therefore has an economic advantage over us in this and several other areas.

Instead of showing leadership on this goal President Obama twisted and turned at every challenge and as a result what came out as Obamacare was a mere shadow of what should have been done. President Obama just failed to show leadership. I am praying that he will grow a stiffer backbone in his second term.

If the Republicans want to continue to stifle any progress on the “fiscal cliff” then the President, if he chooses to show leadership, has a clear-cut way  of leveling out the “cliff”.  Just let all the tax cuts expire and then on January 1, 2013 offer new tax cuts for the middle class only.

We need leaders in this country. Right now all we seem to have are followers; no leadership often results in mob mentality where nothing good gets accomplished. Mr. Romney so terribly wanted to be a leader but that did not happen. Maybe he can yet accomplish that goal by pushing his party toward compromise. If they reject that leadership then that only tarnishes his party and not him. History will show he tried to lead even as a private citizen.

If we ever hope to break this gridlock of partisan bickering we will need leaders to accomplish that task. Sometime people just need someone to prod them into doing what they know is right. We need some leaders to do that today.  I hope our current ones will step up to the challenge.

I’m just a simple guy so what do I know…..

Who Can I Trust?????????????

Here we are on the eve of election day and I am strangely somewhat calm. I have confidence that the people of this country will put the good of the country above partisan gain. To me it comes down equally between “who can I trust” and “who will promote the common good“. I, like many of us, have been watching Mr. Romney for months now and the thing that bothers me the most is how he has flipped on issue after issue.

  • He was against the UN and then he was for the UN.
  • As a governor he was for universal healthcare and now he was against universal healthcare.
  • As a governor he believed in global warming and now he no longer believes in global warming.
  • He was against a timeline pullout in Afghanistan and then he was for a timeline.
  • He was against the bailout of the auto industry and then he was in favor of it.
  • He wanted to shut down FEMA and now he wants to keep it.
  • He said 47% of us are freeloader and then he decided they we weren’t

This list could go on almost endlessly.  I would really like to hear from my Republican friends who plan to vote for him which version of his flip/flops do they believe is the real Mr. Romney? To them he must seem like a “cafeteria” president; pick and choose what you want him to be. Consistency is one of the most important characteristics needed in any job and especially in the most powerful job in the world. Consistency is just not Mr. Romney’s strong suit. He is all over the map on so many things.

The second issue is will he promote the common good? A big part of that is the safety net or taking care of the “least of these”.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ so that is very important to me as it was to Him.  Maybe the most important thing.

Mr. Romney was very fortunate to be born into a very affluent family. As a result I just don’t believe that he has any concept of what it means to struggle in life as many in his so-called 47% do. To him struggling means as he said “going off on his own” which translated to getting a fully paid Harvard education and then some  big startup dollars to begin his independent life.  He just has no concept of what it means to struggle day-to-day.

But in the end it all comes down to one basic question. Who can I trust??  Mr. Romney’s knee-jerk reaction to almost every significant event and his constant flip-flopping tells me I can’t possibly know who he really is and therefore just can’t trust him as my president. I have confidence that the voters in this country have seen that the Mr. Romney that we know from this political season is not prepared to take over the oval office.  I pray that the Republicans can put aside their obstructionist attitudes after tomorrow. The bible tells us prayers can move mountains so maybe they can even move political factions.

For all those who are not moved by anything I said above don’t forget the well proven fact that

“If you want to live like a Republican then vote like a Democrat!!!

Time Goes By

Here is an interesting post from my friends over at “Time Goes By”  about some of the politicking that has gone on around Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy and the 2012 Election


All Rich Guys Think They are Infallible….

via Jack Welch: I was right about jobs report – Oct. 9, 2012.

Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, had previously contributed content to Fortune, but following critical coverage of his comments on the jobs report and tenure at GE, Welch said in an e-mail Tuesday that he was terminating his contract with Fortune.

In his WSJ op-ed, Welch suggests that the reaction to his criticism of “the ruling authorities” was something he would expect in Soviet Russia or Communist China. “Nope,” he wrote, “that would be the United States right now, when a person (like me, for instance) suggests that a certain government datum (like the September unemployment rate of 7.8%) doesn’t make sense.”

I am using the source above to give you an example of the fact that all rich guys think they are infallible. It seems that once a person has managed to collect a few million bucks they come to the conclusion that they know everything. While Jack Welch definitely had some successes at running General Electric in the 1980s he really didn’t do anything more than listen to what his people told him and then choose a profitable path.

I am going to give you a technical term for the reason people who have success in one area then think they know everything in all areas. It is call having a “big-head” 🙂  Of course Jack Welch is not the only person to show symptoms of having a big-head. There are many others. The most obvious one right now is Mitt Romney. He thinks he know everything since he was successful at buying companies and stripping them down and selling their parts for a profit. He thinks that since he made a few bucks doing that he is somehow infallible.

Another symptom of having a big-head is that you think that everyone will believe whatever comes out of your mouth.  Mr. Welch says he doesn’t need any proof that somehow the unemployment numbers were fixed; he just knows its true and we are supposed to believe him. Mr. Romney is also much like that even when he says exactly opposite things. He thinks everyone believes whatever he says.  The trouble with this is that there are some people who actually do believe everything he says.  How else can you explain why so many say they will vote for him even after flip-flop after flip-flop 😉

Whenever I think I might be getting a big head I go to visit my hero Will Rogers to see what he says about the subject I think I know all about. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I made a bunch of money like the yahoos I am talking about here. It is just that sometimes I come to the grandiose conclusion that I got it right about this or that and others just can’t for some reason understand. Whenever my head starts swelling I read Will’s words:

Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects – Will Rogers

There is nothing so stupid as an educated man, if you get him off the thing he was educated in. – Will Rogers

Thanks Will for keeping me level-headed. Now if only Mr. Romney, Mr. Welch and so many others would just heed your words of wisdom and realize they too are not perfect.