Newborn Innocence …

5star-banner   There is something about the innocence of newborns that are so appealing to us. This young heifer was found at my favorite historic village at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village near Lexington KY a few years ago.

Pleasant Hill Calf.jpg

South Union Shaker Village..

ISOA Banner  I have visited and posted about Pleasant Hill Shaker Village many times here on RJsCorner but never about it’s sister village at South Union.  Unfortunately it did not have the fortunate fate of Pleasant Hill so most of the buildings and even the graveyard was destroyed.  But there is enough there to appreciate its unique beauty.

This post will concentrate on some of the rural farm artifacts found in just one of the buildings but in another post soon I will discuss its history and current status.

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Shaker Symmetry..

Pleasant Hill.jpg

slice21.png  Symmetry has always been the epitome of beauty to me. This picture was taken in the attic of the central dwelling building at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in Kentucky twenty years ago and remains one of my personal favorites.  Shakers were very much about symmetry throughout their communities.

Pleasant Hill — Revisited (again_

Just outside of Lexington Kentucky is my favorite historical village called “Pleasant Hill Shaker Village”.  I simply can’t get enough of that place. Whenever I start feeling tension for whatever reason I think of escaping there for a few days. I think I have been there about a half a dozen times now but have really lost count. Staying in the actual rooms where Shakers lived is a fantastic feeling. I almost sense their presence there.

Shaker Hill brings out my creative juices. I have probably taken 500 pictures there but every time I go I find another undiscovered place that inspires me.  The last time I was there was in 2011 and took these pictures. I will have to go again some time soon.

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Pleasant Hill…

Pleasant Hill Shaker Village – Lexington KY

Lets put up a new post about Pleasant Hill early this new year. It is perhaps my favorite place to visit and the Shakers, especially their furniture, is very much a part of the heart of America. I can just imagine someone sitting at the table above sorting their famous veggie seeds for delivery.


Pleasant Hill, KY – Lodge Staircase

One aspect of creativity is seeing things that other ignore. Another is to make things for the sake of beauty. We all want to be creative in one aspect or another and in reality we all are but just don’t realize it. It probably took a lot longer to create this unsupported spiral staircase then doing it the conventional way but it certainly is a thing of beauty which is often missed by many of the lodges visitors.

The American Craftsman…

Pleasant Hill Shaker Village, KY – The American Craftsman

The American craftsman as depicted in the photo above is as much responsibly for our country becoming what it is as anything else.  We are a nation of immigrants and each of them brought their own skills to make a life in this country.  Unlike most of Europe from which they came have no aristocracy to lord it over us so the craftsman was king…

The Perfect Picture….

Lexington KY – Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

I took this picture on my first visit to Pleasant Hill almost twenty years ago. It is a place at the very top of the center dwelling used to store out of season clothes.  Hands to work, Hearts to God was their theme. They did everything to perfection.

Simplicity and Symmetry….

Lexington KY – Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

The Shaker were all about symmetry. Everything was done in pairs. One side for women and the other for men. The other major characteristic was simplicity. They shunned away from adornment for decoration only.

Pleasant Hill….

One of the most peaceful places I have found on this earth is at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village near Lexington KY. It is a recreated village from the 1800s.  One of the concepts I have adopted from my Quaker friends is the idea of “centering down”. That is to clear your mind of all the clutter of daily activity in order to listen for the messages of our creator.  I find Pleasant Hill an outstanding place to do just that.  I don’t mind the idea of melding the best of two religions together to come closer to God. Pleasant Hill is peaceful beyond description. I have spent several days staying at one of the rooms in the village just taking in the ambiance.

If you are ever in the central Kentucky area stop by for a visit. You will remember your time there for the rest of your life.

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Pleasant Hill…

Here is another picture taken on our recent visit to Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in Kentucky.


By the way.  I have brought up a new category under the Off The Top listings entitle “Oil and Vinegar”. This category will be used to flag posts where I think two topics should not be mixed. The first installment is coming tomorrow.

Shaker Garden Seeds….

Here is a picture from our recent visit to Pleasant Hill Shaker Village near Lexington KY. This was our sixth visit there. This Shaker community did a prosperous business in seeds.

If you are looking for a quiet respite from your hectic life you should consider a visit here.