Techie Saturday – Grammarly

I am in the mode here at Techie Saturday of letting you in on my secrets of managing my technology, and I have a lot of technology. 🙂 This Saturday is about spelling and grammar.

I suspect most of you think I am a pretty good speller but I admit that I have a tool for that and it is called Grammarly. It quietly sits in the background and watches every keystroke I punch. When I need a comma it tells me so, and I seem to need a lot of commas. When I misspell a word it suggests the correct spelling.

In reality, I am a pretty good speller, I did win a regional spelling bee when I was much much younger but what I am not that great at is being a good typer. Typos appear on a very regular basis. Now that I have Grammarly I just kinda let them stack up and address them when my thought is done. In the past, thanks to my senior moments, I would stop when I made a typo and go back an correct it. The problem with that is that quite often I would then forget what I was thinking for the rest of the sentence. 🙂

I pay about $6/month for this service but you can get a free version that might meet your needs. Part of the “Pro” plan is that I get an email telling me about what Grammarly found for the past week. Usually, it tells me that I am a pretty smart guy. It also tells me I write more than 96% or so of its other customers. But what strokes my ego enough to want me to continue with the paying version it that I use more unique words than just about everyone else! I am proud of that fact.

If you do a lot of writing as I do, I would highly recommend you give Grammarly or one of the alternatives a try. It just might make you look smarter than you actually are, and don’t all of us want to do that.