I’m In Love Again…

I suspect you think this is about a loving relationship? Since I am a married guy, it must be about a mistress. NO, NO, NO. This is about my second love and that is techie things. 🙂

One of my mistresses in this arena is Firefox. She is a saucy lady who attracts my attention from time to time. The last time I saw her was about four years ago. At that time I rejected her for a newer, more sleek model called Google.

Ok, enough is enough. I suspect many of you figured out I am talking about Internet browsers. I spend more time with them than I do my wife it seems. I am back in love with the Firefox browser. It has leaped way beyond Google in its speed, slim size, and overall attractiveness. It is now the most pleasant, dare I say joyous, journey in the Internet world. Here are some reasons why.

  • It has a much more natural flow. In techie terms that means the user interface is much more intuitive and friendly. Being an Apple guy I demand.
  • It is much easier to find all the hidden things that one must know when you want to do something.
  • It doesn’t have all the ads strewn throughout every web page of things I have bought on Amazon, or what I have looked at on other shopping sites. Since it is developed by a non-commercial enterprise, it doesn’t need to make money for its shareholders by annoying its customers.
  • It runs faster since its code is very small compared to Google. That makes it easier on my computer resources, and especially load times on my VERY SLOW Internet speeds.

But, perhaps the primary reason for loving Firefox again has to do with a tool I use when writing every post here on RJsCorner. It sits in the background checking my spelling and grammar. Without that I would not look nearly as smart as I am. The tools I had been using for that ceased to function when WordPress updated their editor with many improvements. Updates were promised by the other tools but never delivered to date. Firefox includes a tool called LanuageTool that works better than my previous tool and has a free version. I would love Firefox for that alone.

So, here I am once again back into Firefox as my primary browser. Looking back, I’m not sure why I left her in the first place.

Techie Saturday – Grammarly

I am in the mode here at Techie Saturday of letting you in on my secrets of managing my technology, and I have a lot of technology. 🙂 This Saturday is about spelling and grammar.

I suspect most of you think I am a pretty good speller but I admit that I have a tool for that and it is called Grammarly. It quietly sits in the background and watches every keystroke I punch. When I need a comma it tells me so, and I seem to need a lot of commas. When I misspell a word it suggests the correct spelling.

In reality, I am a pretty good speller, I did win a regional spelling bee when I was much much younger but what I am not that great at is being a good typer. Typos appear on a very regular basis. Now that I have Grammarly I just kinda let them stack up and address them when my thought is done. In the past, thanks to my senior moments, I would stop when I made a typo and go back an correct it. The problem with that is that quite often I would then forget what I was thinking for the rest of the sentence. 🙂

I pay about $6/month for this service but you can get a free version that might meet your needs. Part of the “Pro” plan is that I get an email telling me about what Grammarly found for the past week. Usually, it tells me that I am a pretty smart guy. It also tells me I write more than 96% or so of its other customers. But what strokes my ego enough to want me to continue with the paying version it that I use more unique words than just about everyone else! I am proud of that fact.

If you do a lot of writing as I do, I would highly recommend you give Grammarly or one of the alternatives a try. It just might make you look smarter than you actually are, and don’t all of us want to do that.