Life Stories – The Sunrise Fisherman

One of my favorite vacations was a month-long visit to our northern neighbors. The people throughout Canada just seem so friendly and interesting. The itinerary for the trip was  Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec, along the St. Lawrence Seaway, Nova Scotia, and finally Prince Edward Island. This story is about the St. Lawrence River on a once-in-a-lifetime sunrise morning. We were done with our Canadian tours of … Continue reading Life Stories – The Sunrise Fisherman

A Morning On The St. Lawrence Seaway.

It’s been eleven years since the Canada trip.How could time have flown by so fast?It was a month long adventure that I won’t forget.Especially that sunrise along the St. Lawrence Seaway.We were traveling in the hinterland between cities.We were determined to follow the Seaway to its source.It was getting dark so our attention was for a place to sleep.We feared we might have to sleep … Continue reading A Morning On The St. Lawrence Seaway.

Augmented Realities #4 – Sunrise Fisherman

I will start off this post with my decision to rename “Alternate Reflections” to “Augmented Realities”. If you have been around RJsCorner much you know that I am a wordsmith. I am constantly searching for the “right” words to express what I am saying. Augmented realities seems to better describe what I have in mind for these type posts. Now don’t confuse this new title … Continue reading Augmented Realities #4 – Sunrise Fisherman

Snippet – Canadian Countryside @ MyView…

With this post, I am instituting a new post category called Snippet.  This is where I send you a short note about what I have been doing.  With this snippet, I wanted to tell you I just added a new gallery over at MyViewOfTheWorld Photo site. I think you just might like it. It is from my 2011 month long trip up the St. Lawrence … Continue reading Snippet – Canadian Countryside @ MyView…